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17 septembre 2010 (Bruxelles) : Financing Supply Chain Operations

Financing Supply Chain Operations - Identifying the best options.

gtnews is running its popular course on 'Supply Chain Finance' in Brussels on 17 September.

This course has been designed specifically for those who need to understand the basics of supply chain management and the impact of supply chain operations on corporate financial performance. In two parts, attendees can chose between the morning session, the afternoon session, or both.

The morning tracks a typical supply chain management team through their activities, explaining the significance of each operation they undertake.

The afternoon examines the financial implications of supply chain decisions, analysing how they can free up internal liquidity and how supply chain management can provide value to the finance department. This course is ideal for those new to the subject and, especially, for those who will work with corporations on supply chain finance and need a basic understanding of the issues involved.

All attendees will also receive a complimentary copy of the book 'Measuring the Value of Supply Chain' by course tutor Enrico Camerinelli.

Topics covered will include:
- Supply chain management techniques.
- Long-, medium- and short-term decisions.
- Introduction to the SCOR® model.
- Working capital and cash-to-cash cycle time.
- Supply chain finance instruments and the role of banks.

Date: Friday 17 September 2010
Location: Brussels, Belgium

For more information, or to book your place, please visit the course website below.
Places are already filling up and, with each course limited to 15 participants to ensure maximum value, we recommend you register early to secure your place.


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