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16-17 novembre 2010 (Zurich) : Strategic Cash and Treasury Management training course

Strategic Cash and Treasury Management training course - book now to guarantee your place

Corporate treasurers, banks and technology vendors are already registering for the latest intensive training course from gtnews, Strategic Cash and Treasury Management, taking place in Zurich on 16-17 November 2010. Book now to guarantee your place.

The course is aimed at experienced treasury professionals who wish to improve their cash and treasury skill set, and is also ideal for banks, consultants and technology firms who want to update their understanding of their clients' evolving requirements.

By attending the course you will :

- Learn best practices in treasury management
- Understand how working capital management impacts the treasury process
- Understand the corporate finance function and its relation to general treasury management
- Understand the various financial risks and the universe of hedging tools
- Understand the interrelationships between the several areas of treasury
- Understand the role technology plays within a treasury organisation

The course tutors are Sander Van Tol and David Kelin. Between them they have decades of experience in treasury and cash management on both the corporate and banking sides. They will bring the very latest best practice in cash and treasury management to this training course.


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