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World financial elite expect global recession

MeettheBoss.com, the recently launched "Facebook for Finance", today released the survey results of 1,000 members to measure their mood regarding the current financial crisis.

- MeettheBoss.com survey shows that 82 per cent of senior financial executives surveyed believe we are entering a worldwide recession
- Only 32 per cent currently believe the recent financial rescue packages will restore lasting confidence
- The majority believe that governments should have acted more decisively earlier in the crisis

Spencer Green, founder of MeettheBoss.com, says, "We believe that this survey provides a useful barometer of executive sentiment in the financial sector. Our exclusive membership means that MeettheBoss is uniquely positioned to gauge the opinions of this influential group and provide crucial information during the on-going crisis."

The survey found that the overwhelming majority of respondents believe we are entering a worldwide recession, while 53 per cent believe that governments were not decisive enough earlier in the crisis. Over two thirds of respondents were not convinced that the financial rescue packages would be sufficient to restore lasting confidence, with 20 per cent of respondents believing that these measures would not be enough.
However, most (85 per cent) felt that a concerted international approach would help restore confidence in the long term.

The survey consisted of 340 C-level executives, 480 directors and 180 in senior management exclusively from financial services businesses around the world.

"We were particularly interested in the fact that our members expressed confidence that a concerted international approach is the key to restoring recovery. We believe that by ascertaining the opinions of this global group, MeettheBoss.com is making a significant contribution to the dialogue on these crucial issues."

MeettheBoss.com currently has 25,000 members world-wide and is the first financial services networking tool to support this group of influential decision makers. While membership has been increasing at a rapid pace since the launch, membership will ultimately be capped at 50,000.

MeettheBoss.com is a business-networking tool for financial services executives around the world.
MeettheBoss.com facilitates quick and secure video conferencing, IM, e-mail and SMS between members.
Weekly interviews with the thought and business leaders heading Fortune 500 companies are broadcast on the site's dedicated 'television' channel every Wednesday. The interviews are followed by an audio-only Q&A.
MeettheBoss.com members supply questions for these sessions.
New discussion groups start every Thursday. An 'Advisory Council' of acknowledged industry and sector experts, including financial analysts and C-level executives from the financial services sector, moderates these.
MeettheBoss.com is free to use. Membership restrictions apply.

Vendredi 21 Novembre 2008

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