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Treasurers, Time to Develop Your Interest Rate Strategies

Dunkin’ Brands, Vantiv and Bloomin’ Brands spoke on a panel with Chatham Financial at the 2015 AFP Annual Conference to discuss their firms’ approaches to interest rate risk management, covering topics as diverse as strategy development, hedge accounting, legal and regulatory compliance, and trading.

The trio left the audience with a key message: be proactive in developing your interest rate hedging strategy and recognize that the interest rate derivatives market has changed significantly in the last several years.

Implementing an interest rate hedging strategy

Interest rate risk is always present within a capital structure, and many firms have targeted certain fixed rate percentages within their debt portfolio to help support their interest rate risk management decisions. For example, Gina Powers, assistant treasurer at Dunkin’ Brands, shared that at one point, her company had an all floating rate debt capital structure. The company was uncomfortable with the significant amount of interest rate risk that could impact reported earnings per share, and as a result Dunkin’ executed a set of pay-fixed interest rate swaps to reduce the risk by about 50 percent. Subsequently, Dunkin’ has...

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