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Trade Line 2 by Coface : how and why

Einstein said that theories should be "as simple as possible but no simpler". Likewise, economic analyses must be wary of reducing complex situations to summary explanations.

Trade Line 2 by Coface : how and why
This common sense remark applies to Spain - which has managed to combine modernity with tradition - even more than to any other country.
Companies working or looking to work on the other side of the Pyrenees must not only consider the character of the Spanish people, but also the characteristics specific to regions with ever greater decentralised power. Trade Line attempts to provide a few clues.
The second part of this issue explains how important it is to understand Russia’s local specificities in order to negotiate successfully.
You will also find a brief report that shows how Coface helps companies secure their trade receivables.

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Mardi 17 Avril 2007

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