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TopStepTrader Review

If you're an aspiring trader looking for a platform to help you reach your goals, you've likely come across TopStepTrader.

But is it the right platform for you? In this review, we'll take a closer look at what TopStepTrader has to offer and help you decide if it's worth your time and money.

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What is TopStepTrader?

TopStepTrader is a proprietary trading firm that offers a variety of educational resources and trading opportunities for aspiring traders. The company was founded in 2012 by Michael Patak, a former professional trader with over 25 years of experience in the industry. TopStepTrader's mission is to help traders develop their skills and become successful professional traders.

One of the key features of TopStepTrader is its educational resources, which is designed to help traders learn the skills and strategies they need to succeed in the markets. The program includes a series of educational videos, webinars, and other resources that cover topics such as technical analysis, risk management, and psychology.

In addition to its educational resources, TopStepTrader also offers a variety of trading opportunities. These include the "Trader Combine" which is a simulated trading competition that allows traders to test their skills and potentially earn a funded trading account. The company also offers a variety of trading challenges and competitions, as well as access to its proprietary trading platform, which offers advanced features such as custom indicators and automated trading strategies.

For future traders looking to up their game and become a funded professional trader, TopStepTrader may be just the partner you’ve been looking for.

How to get Funded with TopStepTrader

TopstepTrader offers a program called the Trading Combine, which is a simulated trading environment that allows traders to demonstrate their ability to manage risk, generate profits, and find valuable trading opportunities.

The program is a subscription-based service that offers three different simulated account options with initial balances of $50K, $100K, and $150K. Fees for the Trading Combine start at $165 for the $50K account, $325 for the $100K account, and $375 for the $150K account. In order to be eligible for a funded account, traders must complete two steps in the Trading Combine: the first step involves meeting certain performance criteria and trading for a minimum of five days, while the second step is more difficult and includes stricter rules. If a trader is able to successfully complete the Trading Combine, they will be eligible for a funded account with TopstepTrader.

With the ability to become a funded trader in a little as 8 days, it’s no wonder TopStepTrader has grown so rapidly as a company.

What Trading Platforms are available?

TopStepTrader offers a range of trading platforms to help traders of all experience levels find success in the markets. The Trading Combine® supports over 14 different platforms, with TSTrader being the most popular choice for beginners. TSTrader is a no-fee platform that includes basic charting tools and works on any device, and it also supports third-party add-ons. Alternative platforms include NinjaTrader and TradingView, which offer more advanced features but may require platform fees.

Can you make money with TopStepTrader?

Yes. In 2021 alone, TopStepTrader paid out over $3,200,000 in withdrawals to the traders on their platform. This spans across over 8,000 funded accounts in 143 different countries.

As a funded trader on their platform, you can request withdrawals at any time. And avoid paying any fees for amounts over $500. (under $500 and you’ll be charged a $50 wire fee)

Coaching Programs

A potentially invaluable benefit to any trader looking to level up is the coaching programs offered by TopStepTrader. The Performance Coaching Plan is a monthly subscription service offered by TopStepTrader that provides traders with one-on-one coaching sessions to help them improve their trading skills.

The coaching sessions include personalized advice on trading strategies, daily meetings, weekly personal coaching sessions, and access to a private trader group chat. The service costs $395 per month for non-funded traders, but is free for funded traders. The coaches who provide the coaching sessions have extensive experience in trading on the open market and have worked on real trading floors. They are trained to help traders overcome bad trading habits and achieve their goals.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, TopStepTrader provides a unique benefit with its recently launched Digital Coaching.

Digital Coaching is a feature offered by TopStepTrader that provides traders with personalized guidance and support to help them achieve their trading goals. Digital Coaching is provided through a digital coach called "Coach T" and includes six main features: a checklist to organize and address daily trading habits, a personalized trading plan to set goals and track progress, alerts for market changes, Trader IQ to track performance and identify areas for improvement, a journal to keep notes on the trading journey, and weekly emails with personalized guidance based on trade data and history.

Final Thoughts

In final thoughts on TopStepTrader, the platform is considered to be legitimate and a good way to test trading skills using virtual capital in the Trading Combine. However, the fees for the Trading Combine can be high and may require frequent resetting. It is recommended to only commit to a few months of the program to determine if the trader has the ability to become a funded trader. Overall, TopStepTrader is seen as a good way to get into professional day trading.

One thing we found surprisingly disappointing about TopStepTrader is the lack of advance charting options. With this in mind, check out Trade Ideas, and TrendSpider, to help you on your professional trading journey.


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