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Tikehau Capital acquires (Avolta Partners advisor)

Avolta Partners advised, the French specialist in crowdlending for small businesses, for its sale to Tikehau Capital for €12m.

Launched in France in 2014,, the French specialist in crowdlending for SMEs, enables retail clients to lend directly to rigorously-selected smaller businesses and SMEs under advantageous conditions for the borrowing companies and paying attractive yield to lenders. is renowned for the quality of its solutions, its scoring system and its user-friendly website. The company has revolutionised corporate access to credit by offering an extremely rapid response based on a simplified administrative process. Since its creation, has financed 217 companies, raising a total of over €13m, through 13k loans from retail clients willing to support the real economy while securing an attractive return. has also established numerous partnerships with financial sector players, including HelloBank!, the first French bank recommending its clients to invest in a crowdlending platform nearly a year ago.

Incubated since March 2015 by Truffle Capital and under the leadership of Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, its chairman since November 2015, has rapidly established itself as an essential player in the small and mid-sized companies (SMEs) alternative financing market. has also been awarded the BPI Innovative Company label as well as the Pôle Finance Innovation Fintech Excellence label.

This acquisition enables Tikehau Capital, a leading company active in the corporate lending and private debt market in France, to consolidate and expand its lending platform by bringing its corporate financing solutions to smaller businesses and SMEs. Through, Tikehau Capital will enable its wide network of investors and partners to broaden their investment policy, currently focused on medium-sized and larger companies, to include smaller businesses rigorously selected by teams.

Guillaume Arnaud, Managing Director at Tikehau IM, commented: “Avolta Partners has been an extremely professional advisor on the transaction. We have been monitoring SME crowdlending platforms in Europe for some time now, particularly in France, where the market has strong growth potential. The acquisition of provides us a unique smaller business lending knowhow and allows us to expand our range of financing solutions and therefore address most of French companies.”

Arthur Porré, Managing Partner at Avolta Partners, commented: “We are thrilled to have advised Thomas de Bourayne and the rest of's team as well as their investors Truffle Capital and Notus Technology (Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux’s holding company) as the company enters its next growth phase. As a leading player in private debt, Tikehau Capital will unleash’s full potential in order to establish a clear leader in private debt for SMEs in France.”

About Avolta Partners
With more than 46 deals closed in 4 years, Avolta Partners has proven to be one of the most active M&A boutique in Europe in the Tech Industry. As a result, our team of 12 people has learned how to maximise the value of a deal – both valuation and legal conditions – thanks to a proven methodology and hard-nosed negotiations.

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Mercredi 5 Juillet 2017