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The AI bank of the future

McKinsey Insights.

Beyond digital transformations: Modernizing core technology for the AI bank of the future.

For artificial intelligence to deliver value across the organization, banks need core technology that is scalable, resilient, and adaptable. Building that requires changes in six key areas.

An artificial-intelligence (AI) bank leapfrogs the competition by organizing talent, technology, and ways of working around an AI-first vision for empowering customers with intelligent value propositions delivered through compelling journeys and experiences. Making this vision a reality requires capabilities in four areas: an engagement layer, decisioning layer, core technology layer, and platform operating model.

Previous articles in this series have explored the first two areas. The capabilities of the reimagined engagement layer 1 enable the AI bank to deliver highly personalized seamless journeys across bank channels and within partner ecosystems. The capabilities of the AI-powered decisioning layer 2 transform customer insights into messages and offers tailored to address a customer’s unique needs. The current article identifies capabilities needed in the third area, the core technology and data infrastructure of the modern capability stack.

Deploying AI capabilities across the organization requires a scalable, resilient, and adaptable set of core-technology components. When implemented successfully, this foundational layer can enable a bank to accelerate technology innovations, improve the quality and reliability of operations, reduce operating costs, and strengthen customer engagement.


Jeudi 6 Mai 2021