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Vendredi 9 Décembre 2011

Tendances des entreprises industrielles mondiales

Les entreprises industrielles d’envergure mondiale envisagent l’avenir avec optimisme. Par ailleurs, l’incertitude des sous-traitants et les nouvelles prévisions de marché entraînent des transferts dans la chaîne d’approvisionnement.

Global Manufacturing Outlook: Growth while Managing Volatility

Global Manufacturing Outlook: Growth while Managing Volatility is a KPMG International report that investigates how large industrial manufacturers are dealing with market and input volatility in a global marketplace.

The report was written by the Economist Intelligence Unit, which also executed the online survey and conducted the interviews on behalf of KPMG International.

In this year’s Global Manufacturing Outlook survey, growth has emerged as a predominant theme along with a continuing focus on cost, risk management and global supply chain resilience.

Today, companies are choosing to pursue growth through both product innovation and strategic alliances. They are also fine-tuning product costs with more sophisticated design and process improvements, positioning production capabilities closer to growth markets, and enhancing transparency to manage global risk.

- The business outlook: growth ahead, but risks loom
- Growth strategies: managing volatility
- Reworking supply chains to support growth
- Case Study: Johnson Controls
- Case Study: Luvata

Download Now :
Global Manufacturing Outlook: Growth while Managing Volatility (2.92 MB)


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