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Société Générale, Sopra partner to build international platform for credit management

Société Générale in collaboration with Sopra Banking Software has built the international multi-entity and multi-market platform, Loans International Standardized Application (LISA), to address issues related to pooling and industrialising the after-sale management of credits.

Implemented through the software package Sopra Banking Lending, the platform is designed for the group's retail banks and financial corporations.

Successfully built within four months, Lisa has hosted and exploited the production of several million files that represents 10% of the market share of real estate loans in France since November 2012.

Capable of hosting the credit management activities of other French and international structures from the Société Générale group, the platform is now ready to support all markets, including real estate loans, corporate and consumer credits.

More than 2,305 French branches of Société Générale's network have been deployed with Sopra Banking Lending, through this credit platform.

Sopra Banking Software also intends to support Société Générale to connect new members to the credit platform in France and abroad.

Source: Banking Business Review
BBR Staff Writer
Published 06 March 2013

Mercredi 13 Mars 2013