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Private Investors launch first Blockchain Incubator in the Heart of Swiss Crypto Valley

Founded by Lakeside Partners and a group of private investors, the new investment company CV VC will invest in all stages of crypto and blockchain development, from incubation to late stage. The CV Labs incubator offers seed money and a three-month incubation program to blockchain startups. It is the first incubator that is fully embedded in the unique Crypto Valley ecosystem, focusing 100% on the decentralized technology. Visionary blockchain entrepreneurs will teach and mentors future entrepreneurs. The pre-registration for the incubation program starting this Winter is open.

In only a few years, the area between the Swiss cities of Zug and Zurich has established itself as the epicenter of the blockchain revolution, becoming home to over 600 companies associated with the new technology. Lakeside Partners, a leading startup investor and blockchain advisory company based in Zug, has been in the middle of it, developing its own ecosystem including co-working space, start-up competitions, industry summits and strong ties to leading Swiss politicians and institutions. They have screened over 1000 startups over the last 18 months.

CV VC – Crypto Valley Venture Capital – is a logical continuation of these activities. “The time is ripe for CV VC”, says Mathias Ruch, Founder/Managing Partner at Lakeside Partners and Founder/CEO of CV VC: “After the initial phase of pioneers, traditional investors and big players of the ‘old economy’ are starting to take note. Analysts now speak of a new dawn for the industry, with serious companies, serious people and serious money coming into the space.”

Funding, education, mentoring

CV VC will be covering all stages of crypto and blockchain development, from incubation to later stages. It will invest a fixed amount of seed funding ($125K) in a large number of promising early stage blockchain companies in return for equity or tokens, starting in Winter 2018 with the first batch of a three-month high-level seed capital program.

Participants in the program will benefit from funding, education and coaching, the CV Labs network, workspace, shared living space and a series of major events all happening at the heart of Crypto Valley. Among the confirmed mentors and special guests in the incubation program are some of the most renowned blockchain pioneers, crypto finance specialists, crypto lawyers and investors in Crypto Valley, such as Nicole Anderson (Redsand), Ramon Recuero (ex-Ycombinator), Mona El Isa (Melonport), Stephan Karpischek (Etherisk), Daniel Qin (wecash) and Guenther Dobrauz (Lawyer, VC Investor). From day one of CV VC, Lakeside Partners will put its experience and knowledge at the service of the new company.

Experienced team and co-founding investors

The three founders of Lakeside Partners are also the founders of CV VC and will be active in the new company: Mathias Ruch (CEO, Board Member), Marco Bumbacher (Chairman) and Ralf Glabischnig (Board Member). Olaf Hannemann, a corporate finance veteran with 20 years’ experience from JPMorgan has joined the management team as CIO. He is also a co-founder.

In addition, a group of highly experienced investors have co-founded CV VC: Daniel Grossen (Scout 24, Grossen Invest AG), Christian Jaag (Swiss Economics, Center for Crypto Economics), Alex Wassmer (Kibag, Club zum Rennweg) and Lorenz Furrer (furrerhugi, Swiss Blockchain Taskforce). “Since I'm an entrepreneur deeply rooted in the old economy, I found CV VC to be the perfect platform to invest in blockchain technology”, says Co-Founder Alex Wassmer.

CV VC’s investment division will consist of three pillars, each covering a specific stage of the current blockchain and crypto development cycle: incubation, pre-ICO und post-ICO investments. CV VC’s strategy includes international expansion by deploying CV Labs hubs in various global locations, ultimately leading to multiple specialized hubs. Switzerland as the ‘genesis hub’ will remain home base, where leading-edge projects benefit from the largest and most advanced blockchain ecosystem and community worldwide.

Gotthardstrasse 26
6300 Zug

About Crypto Valley Venture Capital
CV VC is a private company based in Zug which invests in all stages of the crypto and blockchain growth cycle. It offers seed funding and a three-month incubator program in exchange for equity or tokens. CV VC was launched by Lakeside Partners, a leading startup investor and blockchain advisory company its own thriving ecosystem:
The Advisory team covers all essential areas leading to powerful tokenized business models. Projects benefit from the skills, expertise, and experience of Lakeside Partners.
CV Labs is a unique co-working space located in Zug, helping crypto companies to grow successfully by meeting all their needs. CV Labs is also an ideal home base for startup companies participating in the CV Labs incubation program. Regular meetups and networking events are organized in the Crypto Café and the meeting rooms.
CV Competition offers blockchain startups the opportunity to win a cash prize of $100K as well as access to industry executives, coaching and free office space in the CV Labs in Zug.
CV Summit brings together innovative startups, industry experts and investors, as well as corporates experimenting with distributed ledger technology. The multi-industry themed event, which takes place twice a year, is the largest and most important gathering of the Crypto Valley community.
CV Maps is the first directory and guide route through the fast-growing Crypto Valley blockchain ecosystem. The constantly updated database includes over 600 companies.

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