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PAY.ON Integrates payolution Into its Global Payment Network

PAY.ON, the world's leading operator of web-based, omnichannel payment infrastructure systems, and payolution, a specialist in the white-label payment solutions for invoice instalment payments, are intensifying the partnership that they have had since 2011. PAY.ON is fully integrating the payolution payment solutions into its platforms, making them available to its customers around the world. payolution will benefit from the strength of the global PAY.ON network and from the efficiency of the PAY.ON technology being incorporated into the payolution solutions. With this integration step, PAY.ON continues on its course of systematic customer orientation when it comes to working with PSPs/ISOs.

payolution develops and operates its invoice and instalment payment services as white-label solutions. They are widely accepted and used by PSPs and ISOs in the D-A-CH region and increasingly on an international level. The processing of the payment methods, the administration and the range of the functions of the white-label solutions are wholly in line with online merchants' needs. payolution's services can be applied in all B2C and B2B e-commerce scenarios and stand for fast and guaranteed payments and bespoke, customer-oriented care. Integration of the payolution payment methods into the payment process will play a lasting part in boosting the conversion rates of the online merchants already on board.

The incorporation of payolution into the PAY.ON platforms makes these white-label solutions available to PSPs and ISOs around the world, and thus enabling them to make the payment processes of their online merchants all the more customer-oriented. A key component of the technology used by payolution is the PAY.ON Business Intelligence Platform, which allows merchants to enter captures and refunds manually. Transaction overviews and a wide array of statistics give an up-to-date and detailed picture of revenues and payments. In addition, individual payment processes, including the payolution guidelines, are automatically displayed using the PAY.ON technology.

Bernhard Linemayr, Head of Product Management at payolution: 'It's no secret that we place our full trust in PAY.ON technology for our back end. We are more than happy with this solution because it offers us - and, more importantly, our merchants - a high-availability, flexible and professional platform that can be tailored precisely to meet our customers' needs.'

Wolfgang Berner, Vice President Product and Integration: 'We are delighted to be furthering our partnership with payolution and to be making their solutions and the benefits they offer available around the world via our network. PAY.ON offers PSPs and ISOs all possible options for providing their online merchants with intelligent, omnichannel payment solutions, thereby further increasing their conversion rates. This includes connectivity that merchants can draw on precisely according to their needs. To this end, PAY.ON provides PSPs and ISOs with some 300 payment providers and more than 100 different payment methods - all made available via a single API.'

About payolution:
Founded by Stefan Kalteis in Vienna in spring 2011, payolution GmbH offers the services of invoice payment and instalment payment to the entire D-A-CH region in the form of white-label solutions. With many years of experience in e-commerce as well as offices in Austria and Germany, the 30-strong payolution team has a keen understanding of the market and has tailored its products entirely to the needs of e-commerce market players. White-label solutions, fast and guaranteed payments, support in the areas of B2B and B2C, large shopping baskets, fair and tailored end customer care - all of this leads to higher turnover and happier customers for the online merchants.

About PAY.ON:
PAY.ON AG is the world's leading operator of onmnichannel payment infrastructure systems and supplier of the white-label platform PaySourcing and the routing gateway PayPipe. PaySourcing makes it possible for customers to outsource all relevant payment and risk management processes or procure them via cloud computing and thus become a payment service provider themselves whilst saving money, time and resources. PayPipe is a high-performance payment gateway that connects all payment market participants with each other across the world via a single interface. Accordingly, PayPipe accelerates global availability for all market participants like no other network. PayPipe allows transactions to be processed online for all payment methods in all currencies and across all systems. All PAY.ON systems guarantee compliance with the security and requirements standards that apply to the international payment market. Further information can be found at

Mardi 8 Octobre 2013

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