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Kyriba Announces Alliance Lite2 Partnership with SWIFT

Kyriba, the leader in cloud-based treasury management solutions, has signed an agreement with SWIFT to provide SWIFT Alliance Lite2 connectivity through the Kyriba Enterprise treasury management system. The agreement will provide Kyriba's clients with embedded access to SWIFT members, and builds upon the present SWIFT capabilities of Kyriba Enterprise, which have been in place for the last four years and now serves more than 100 clients.

Organizations can now seamlessly connect to SWIFT through a SaaS-based treasury management system with Alliance Lite2, SWIFT's cloud connectivity solution. All SWIFT message formats, standards (FIN) and file types (FileAct) are supported, as well as automated and manual exchange of messages and files. As part of the Kyriba environment, the partnership provides Kyriba's clients with multi-bank access for transaction processing through SWIFT without the need for an intermediary service or an expensive IT implementation.

"A SWIFT connection is frequently requested by our clients who require multibank connectivity. However, a direct link has previously required a significant investment, so many companies with lower transaction volumes were unable to reap the full benefits of SWIFT," said Jean-Luc Robert, chairman and CEO of Kyriba. "With this Alliance Lite2 Partnership, Kyriba clients gain the benefits of connectivity to SWIFT, without having to leave the Kyriba environment. This addition is an excellent way for companies across North and South America, as well as Asia-Pacific, who are expanding geographically to enhance their bank connectivity without having to make a large technology investment."

"We are seeing an increase in the number of organizations using cloud-based treasury management systems, and Alliance Lite2 provides an excellent platform for these organizations to connect to SWIFT," said Stella Lim, Head of APAC Corporate Sales at SWIFT. "We are delighted that Alliance Lite2 is being integrated into Kyriba Enterprise. This partnership will open up the benefits of SWIFT connectivity to a new group of businesses, enabling them to streamline their global banking without a complex IT implementation."

About Kyriba
Kyriba is the global leader in Proactive Treasury Management. Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) treasury and risk solutions enable finance teams to optimize their cash, manage their risk, and work their capital. Our award-winning cash, treasury, payment, risk management and supply chain finance solutions are used by more than 800 organizations worldwide, including Amway, Electronic Arts (EA), PulteGroup, Inc., and Qualcomm, to unlock new business value, drive corporate growth and ensure compliance.

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Vendredi 20 Juin 2014

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