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IoT: the game changer

Accenture research reveals the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can add potential growth of US$14.2 trillion to the global economy.

The IIoT could deliver massive economic rewards, but only to countries prepared to capitalize on its growth. Accenture worked with Frontier Economics to model the IIoT’s potential impact on the GDPs of 20 developed and emerging economies that generate more than three-quarters of the world’s economic output. The model takes into account projected investment levels, national industry structures and the capacities of different countries to absorb IIoT technologies.

Our analysis shows that, based on current policy and investment trends, the IIoT could add around US$10.6 trillion to the cumulative GDP of these economies over the next 15 years. In 2030, under these conditions, the IIoT could result in GDP being 1.0 percent higher than it otherwise would be (under trend forecast).

Further, we found that the potential for growth could be even greater. By taking additional measures to improve their capacity to absorb IIoT technologies and increase IIoT investment, countries could generate up to an estimated US$3.6 trillion in additional value over and above the indication of current trends, for a total of US$14.2 trillion. For the countries we studied, this could lift real GDP by 1.5 percent in 2030 over trend projections.


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Vendredi 1 Avril 2016

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