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Introducing the 12 tech for good startups on the autumn BGV accelerator

We’re kicking off our ninth accelerator cohort today with 12 exciting startups using technology to tackle tough social and environmental problems.

These startups will receive an investment of £15,000 in exchange for 6% equity, co-working space at the Ministry of Startups in central London, and an intensive 12 week programme of mentoring and support – designed to accelerate the growth of their social venture.

The 12 teams were selected from over 170 applications. We were really pleased to see the diversity in the applications this year – 36% of the startups that applied had female founders (compared to 35% last year), and 56% of all founders that applied were female. The most common theme in applications was sustainability – with 31% of startups tackling problems in this area, compared with 25% in education, 24% in health and 20% in democracy.

And now, it’s time to introduce you to the new teams:

Alice SI
Founders: Raphaël Mazet, Areti Kampyli, Jakub Wojciechowski
Alice SI uses blockchain technology to help charities raise funds based on impact. All donations are held in smart contracts on a secure blockchain, giving donors maximum transparency on the impact their money makes.

Founder: Jonathon Hughes
Babihub is a smart monitoring system that keeps infants and toddlers out of harm in the home or nursery, by putting sensors in harmful areas where the baby might go.

Founders: John Coulthard, Arif Govani, Chris Perry, Stephen Taylor, Greg Broadbent, Bella Choyce
BriteLives is a platform that helps older people, their relatives and carers access nearby personal, household and community services.

Founders: Mursal Hedayat, Ellie Penney, Lena Garrett
Chatterbox is an online language learning service that trains and employs refugees as language tutors.

Data Campfire
Founders: Natalie Foo, Chloe Eunsung Kim
Data Campfire is a community based learning platform that encourages people to learn about data science by sharing accessible stories about data.

Founder: Adrian Crossley
E-ccommodate is an app that helps separated parents arrange child care in difficult circumstances where contact between them is forbidden.

Health Make Space
Founders: Dr Na’eem Ahmed, Faheem Ahmed, Sam Atwell
Health Make Space is a networking platform that allows clinicians and SMEs to work together on innovations in the NHS. It pairs doctors with health tech startups looking for clinical input or advice. Doctors get to include any time or expertise they contribute in their annual professional development review.

Founder: Kitty Liao
Ideabatic is a smart refrigeration system for last-mile vaccine delivery in the developing world.

Immersive Rehab
Founder: Isabel Van De Keere
Immersive Rehab creates VR games that improve the effectiveness of physical rehabilitation.

Simulation Sense
Founders: Michael George, John Holcroft
Simulation Sense teaches diagnostic skills to health professionals through an affordable and accessible simulator app.

Transport Together
Founder: Dave Ahlquist
Transport Together is an online marketplace for community transport which maximises affordable transport available to voluntary organisations, and increases the benefits of social interaction and well-being for individual users.

Founder: Vini Bance
Worktu connects schools directly with experienced supply teachers through an online booking system and app.

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Mercredi 7 Septembre 2016