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ISO 20022 is the New Language of Payments!

The Standards Forum Launched the 'ISO 20022 Adoption mApp' Featuring Information on More than 60 ISO 20022 Initiatives Globally.

New adoption initiatives are encouraged to showcase their project with this mobile application.

30.10.13 By Chantal Van Es.

As a key stakeholder in ISO 20022 and a long-term advocate of the standard’s ability to transform automation in the financial industry, SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) has worked to raise awareness of the purpose and potential of ISO 20022 for some time. In September 2013, the Standards Forum launched the free of charge ‘ISO 20022 Adoption mApp’. This new mobile app[lication] provides an easy-to-use global overview of initiatives adopting ISO 20022 as their messaging standard for financial business transactions. The ‘ISO 20022 Adoption mApp’ collates information otherwise only available across multiple global websites. This tool will facilitate adoption and foster dialogue, and will therefore prove a valuable resource for stakeholders already implementing the standard, as well as those considering the adoption of ISO 20022. The first edition is an app for an iOS tablet. New information is updated automatically in the mApp when accessed online, and a [portable document file] PDF with adoption information can be downloaded for each ISO 20022 initiative featured. Chantal Van Es introduces the ‘ISO 20022 Adoption mApp’ and encourages new initiatives to showcase their adoption project with this tool.

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Jeudi 7 Novembre 2013

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