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Lundi 27 Janvier 2014

Fitch: Latest MMF Snapshot Provides End-2013 Money Market Fund Analytics

Link to Fitch Ratings' Report: Money Market Funds (MMF) Snapshot - End-December 2013.

Fitch Ratings has published its monthly money market fund (MMF) snapshot report, which provides end-December 2013 MMF data.

The report provides consistent and comparable portfolio analytics across all Fitch-rated US and European MMFs, which represent more than USD1trn of assets under management.

Fitch’s MMF snapshot is a monthly publication of key portfolio analytics relevant to MMFs' safety and liquidity. The snapshot's consistent analytical information allows data comparison across MMFs. All data is based on fund surveillance reports received by Fitch from fund administrators and fund managers.

Quarterly reports highlighting key MMF trends, exposures and allocation developments complement the monthly snapshot.

Additional fund-specific surveillance and analytical information is available on Fitch’s web-based surveillance tool under >

Direct links to each fund’s surveillance page are available in the MMF Snapshot.

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