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Finyear | Bitcoin Email Payment Comes To Europe

Introducing EmailPay – Send money to any email.

We are announcing Bitwala’s newest feature: EmailPay. It is easy, convenient and anybody with a bank account can now receive money via email.

Just hand over the email address, the amount and pay with Bitcoin. It is that simple.

We at Bitwala are constantly thinking about what our users could like or what makes payments even more easy. We think that Bitwala’s EmailPay tool is great for getting people into Bitcoin, show them how easy it is to handle them and also increasing speed of transaction if you want to send someone money.

If you owe someone money or if you simply want to send some money, often you don’t know peoples bank account details, but you do know their email address. What is more obvious than creating a tool that solves that problem. EmailPay is now available to all registered users of Bitwala.

Log in and send Euros to an Email.

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Vendredi 10 Juillet 2015

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