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Finavia to start using a coating that destroys viruses and bacteria at Helsinki Airport

Airport company Finavia will start using Finnish technology company Nanoksi Finland Oy’s coating solution at Helsinki Airport. The coating can be used to remove viruses and bacteria from airport surfaces and furniture.

“We are continuously keeping track of new methods and products to ensure a high level of hygiene at the airport. This nanotechnology-based coating, which is sprayed on contact surfaces and furniture, makes it easier to keep surfaces clean. The coating destroys pathogens with the help of light and air,” says Sami Kiiskinen, Finavia’s Vice President, Airport Development for Helsinki Airport.

The coating is sprayed on targets such as check-in counters, machines, departure gates and toilet facilities. The coating lasts for a long time, even though the furniture is wiped several times a day.

The Nanoksi solution has been tested at the airport since early summer and, thanks to the good results, Finavia has decided to start using it in September 2021.

“In an airport environment, it’s important that the chosen surface materials are durable, easy to clean and dirt-resistant. Choices related to efficient cleaning are taken into account already at the terminal’s design stage. This is one reason why the airport has a lot of glass and metal surfaces that are easy to keep clean,” Kiiskinen says.

Good feedback from passengers about the hygiene level at Helsinki Airport

In international airport surveys, Helsinki Airport has been receiving good ratings from passengers on the cleanliness of the airport for more than 20 years. Cleanliness and tidiness are some of Helsinki Airport’s biggest strengths in terms of customer satisfaction. ACI, an international organisation representing airports, recognised Finavia for its active and good COVID-19 measures at Helsinki Airport.

A high level of hygiene is a clear differentiating factor in the minds of international passengers in particular, who may use it as a reason for choosing a transfer airport for their journey.

“When we learned about COVID-19 in January 2020, we started carrying out enhanced cleaning and disinfection. Since then, cleaning has been further enhanced. For example, we have introduced a security control tray cleaning device with LED lighting technology, the use of which is to be expanded in the future,” Kiiskinen says.

In addition to cleaning and disinfection, Finavia is also developing contactless movement around the terminal and aims to reduce physical contact in customer service situations. Examples of this development include automatically opening doors and gates, contactless passport and ticket readers and contactless payment in airport shops and restaurants. You can also drive in and out of the parking hall based solely on your vehicle’s registration number.

What is the Fotonit® coating?

The effectiveness of the Fotonit® photocatalytic coating developed by Finnish nanotechnology company Nanoksi Finland Oy has been confirmed by research at the University of Tampere. Photocatalysis can destroy 98% of pathogens such as influenza viruses in two hours. The coating has been awarded the Key Flag Symbol as an indication of its high domestic content.

Finavia Corporation manages and develops 20 airports in Finland. We offer the best long-haul connections in the Nordics and enable smooth travelling between Europe and other parts of the world. Our ground-breaking work in developing passenger experience, sustainability and snow-how are recognised as being among the best in the world. All our airports are carbon neutral. Finavia brings the world closer together.

Jeudi 16 Septembre 2021