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FinTech Sandbox Announces Demo Day 4.0

Seven startups to demonstrate FinTech products and progress in Boston on April 20.

FinTech Sandbox, a Boston-based nonprofit providing FinTech startups free access to data and infrastructure to accelerate product development, today announced a series of events highlighting innovative solutions built by Sandbox participants. Demo Day 4.0 will take place at Fidelity Investments in Boston on Thursday, April 20, 2017. A private innovation tour and Sandbox alumni reception will follow on April 21.

This bi-annual event will attract more than 350 FinTech Sandbox sponsors, partners, and startups; members of the media, industry analysts, academics, and specially-invited decision-makers from venture funds and financial services firms.

Demo Day 4.0

With over $1.08 billion invested in Blockchain and half a billion more invested in payments products, all eyes are on FinTech. But the FinTech opportunity expands beyond these current spotlight stealers. FinTech Sandbox residents apply emerging technologies to develop solutions that span today's financial services industry, including solutions that use virtual reality to visualize the capital markets, that leverage big data to develop alternative lending strategies, and that use machine learning and satellite imagery to extract financial insights. This event provides a unique chance to experience the next wave of products redefining financial services.

Demo Day will feature presentations from seven chief executives showcasing the solutions their companies have developed with free access to data:
Alpaca - Building AI and Database technology for financial trading, and one of CBInsights’ “41 Startups Bringing AI To Fintech.” AlpacaScan provides a truly mobile-first trade idea discovery experience to the millennial generation. (San Francisco)
Elsen - FinTech Sandbox alumni returns to the stage to showcase their progress and early successes. Elsen’s quantum-computing based “Platform as a Service” enables anyone to harness vast quantities of data to make better decisions and quickly solve the most complex problems. (Boston)
FutureFuel - Offering a best-in-breed SaaS platform empowering employers to “turn on” student debt repayment as a new employee benefit — enterprise-wide and/or for special employee populations. (Boston)
Stessa - Helping property owners make informed decisions about their investments by bringing together all relevant data in one place, in real-time. (San Francisco)
TellusLabs - Combining decades of satellite imagery with a machine learning platform to answer critical, time-sensitive economic and environmental questions. (Boston)
Vetr - Mobilizing the investor community to more accurately predict future stock prices in order to help people make better investment decisions. (New York)
Virtual Cove - Engaging your brain by transforming data into virtual reality. This results in 35-500x faster time-to-insight when compared with visualization approaches limited by flat screen displays. (Boston)

Featured Alumni Speaker

Adam Broun, Chief Operating Officer at Boston-based Kensho, will share insights on building a FinTech analytics startup. Kensho’s Financial Analytics Software deploys scalable analytics systems across the most critical commercial institutions in the world. Kensho’s early growth and partnerships with key industry leaders have propelled this company into the forefront of financial services innovation.

Invitation-only Innovation Tour and Alumni Reception

Demo Day 4.0 will be followed by a private Innovation Tour and Alumni Reception for the FinTech Sandbox community hosted by Sandbox sponsor Fidelity Investments.

“FinTech Sandbox Demo Days provide residents a platform to demonstrate the possibilities of their product to an audience of potential customers who would actually use the technology,” said Jean Donnelly, Executive Director at FinTech Sandbox. “With every event, we focus on creating collisions within the financial services industry to encourage collaboration between startups and incumbents.”

FinTech Sandbox is grateful to S&P Global Market Intelligence, Xignite, Quovo, Ernst & Young LLP, and The Financial Revolutionist for sponsoring the event. FinTech Sandbox thanks its 32 data and infrastructure partners who support the program. FinTech Sandbox has accepted over 65 startups from around the world into the program and has over 2,000 active community members.

For more information about the event, visit

About FinTech Sandbox
FinTech Sandbox is a Boston-based nonprofit that promotes financial technology innovation globally by providing free access to critical data and resources to FinTech entrepreneurs and startups. Sponsors include Fidelity Investments, F-Prime Capital, Thomson Reuters, Silicon Valley Bank, Amazon Web Services, Intel, Goodwin, and State Street.

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