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FY360° | SNB Abandon of the Euro Cap – Effect on Swiss M&A markets

The Swiss franc soared heavily after the Swiss National Bank (SNB) decided to scrap its long-standing cap on the strength of its currency. The abrupt move left investors with heavy losses, as Swiss companies saw their stocks tumble and Swiss CEOs and CFOs desperately trying to assess the impact of this move on their accounts and their companies’ profitability.

But as a matter of fact, many Swiss corporates have been and still are sitting on piles of cash for which profitable use is looked for. As corporate cash has been unable to fetch much interest, some companies were talking very openly to markets and investors about possible ways to use their cash. Acquisitions were one of the often mentioned options for growth, and after the SNB announcement for many Swiss corporates potentially are now even the only option...


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Mardi 17 Février 2015