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European Treasury Survey 2006 - Measuring Value from Treasury

PwC’s European Treasury Survey 2006 provides an unparalleled depth of insight into what Treasurers understand by “value-added” treasury, how this value is being measured and communicated, and the opportunities and challenges to further develop treasury going forward.

European Treasury Survey 2006 - Measuring Value from Treasury
The survey is based upon the information gathered from 182 respondents including CFOs, Group Treasurers, Business Unit/Divisional CFOs, Regional and In-country Treasurers.

Survey responses were gathered between October 2005 and February 2006, via a web-based questionnaire.

Respondents represent some of the largest multinational corporations operating in Europe, some 17 of the EUROTOP 100, including some of the most sophisticated treasury teams.

Suite dans le document pdf ci-dessous.

Mardi 19 Décembre 2006

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