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European Best Pricing Master Thesis Award

The European Pricing Platform reaches in the academic year 2011-2012 a new ‘European Best Pricing Master Thesis Award’ out to the writer of the best thesis that addresses pricing as the main theme. An experienced jury of pricing experts decides eventually who the winner will be.

In Europe experienced pricing professionals are still scarce. Only few organisations have pricing managers today. A global pricing survey with more than 3.900 respondents by global strategy and marketing consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners reveals that 65 percent of companies are not able to charge the prices they deserve for the value their products and services deliver. Rather than focusing on profit, 46 percent of the companies fight price wars to gain volume and market share. And when companies finally bring themselves to raises prices, they only get half of what planned. As the need for more talent will seriously increase, students who focus on the pricing subject might be one step ahead of others at the moment they enter the career market.

The importance of pricing knowledge development at student level - and herewith stimulate a new generation of professionals starting their careers with fundamental and applied knowledge in the pricing area - is the driver behind the European Best Pricing Master Thesis Award.

The winning student will receive an astonishing cash reward, an ePP Pricing Training of choice, and a bundle of pricing books. Any student graduated from a European University or Business School at Master level may enter the competition.

For more information, go to our http://www.pricingplatform.eu/site/public/thesis_award.asp

The European Pricing Platform (ePP) is the first - independent - European platform focused to support pricing decision makers in a wide variety of industries and sectors.

European Pricing Platform (ePP) – Connecting Pricing People :
European Pricing Platform is a ‘Not-for-Profit’ knowledge sharing place focused to support business management, pricing professionals and CxO-level executives in Europe over a variety of industries and sectors. Our target is to update the pricing know-how of the business manager. Our mission is to be the on- and offline pricing media for international decision makers in a wide range of industries. The interactive sharing, collecting and development of pricing knowledge are the key elements of our platform.

Source: European Pricing Platform

Lundi 12 Décembre 2011

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