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Corporate Finance, Fintech, DeFi, Blockchain, Web 3 News

Despite Bitcoin’s Surge, Blockchain Is Still The Bigger Story

Bitcoin is going through one of its price spikes, doubling in a month to hit USD500 this week.

The only problem is no-one quite knows what’s behind the current surge. It’s true to form for the cryptocurrency that is prone to sudden spikes and dramatic falls. There are some signs that could explain this, including the growth in bitcoin transactions and use of ATMs, but not to the extent to account for a spike of this magnitude.

Apart from the volatility, there are more examples of bitcoin not living up to some of its initial hype – or perhaps distracting from the bigger picture in cryptocurrency – including the bitcoin ATMs. One of bitcoin’s main advantages is that it eliminates the need for a third-party to process each transaction as a ledger of transactions is stored by everyone. In theory this mean transaction fees should be...


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Mardi 10 Novembre 2015