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Crypto Currency Expo Singapore Celebrated its 1st Year Anniversary

On Aug 12, 2018,  One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency consulting firms, Global CryptoHub (GCH) hosted the CryptoCurrency Expo for one day straight to celebrate its 1st year anniversary.

On Aug 12, 2018,  One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency consulting firms, Global CryptoHub (GCH) hosted the CryptoCurrency Expo for one day straight to celebrate its 1st year anniversary. Another outstanding latest indication of performance observed in crypto and blockchain world through GCH by extending awareness and wakefulness took place at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, Singapore.

With its tremendous success, the company undertook a movement to become an enlightening and educative platform for all budding and existing entrepreneurs, investors, fintech-AI start-ups, crypto enthusiasts, business establishments, professionals, and bankers.

The Crypto Currency Expo 2018 echoed the successful completion of the last quarters of 2017 which were held in Bangkok, Dubai, and Kuala Lumpur on the strategic propositions of blockchain for enterprise and crypto world. The expo assembled wide-ranging organizations and crypto enthusiasts driving this dynamic revolution from ground-breaking ideas to the new generation of investors and entrepreneurs.

Several types of valuable insights were gathered by attendees:

The stage welcomed a diverse roster of an international panel and keynote speakers who shared a wealth of knowledge on multiple topics like:

• Bitcoin's growth and global acceptance
• Digital Asset Investments• Future and Impact of Cryptocurrency
• Scaling Blockchain Technology
• ICOs: to be or not to be

Networking opportunities for everyone:

The participation of about 4150 attendees, 100+ speakers, contributors and exhibitors, over 100 sponsors and 200+ media partners from 15 different countries throughout the day to mobilize the potential of the emerging blockchain technology and virtual currency for businesses, consumers, governments and citizens presented the CryptoCurrency Expo with a unique and festive environment celebrating its success.

The Expo provided impressive ICO pitching and launched startup competition out of which three most deserving winners were announced- 1pawVIP, COLLAB, and Rapidzpay. Two special awards also delivered by Mr. Shahin Pilli and Mr. Jagdish Pandya- the founders of GCH to Blockstock-stabled, gold-backed cryptocurrency- for an innovative product, and Dunston Teo- ICO Consultant & Token Economist as a citation of honour for being in the crypto industry for8+ years respectively.

Everyone got an opportunity to not only build their network but also explore the happenings of the crypto world with concrete and detailed information. Along with education, each registered participant was provided with access to the world of cryptocurrency markets.

The event concluded with a panel discussion, diversity of discussions, new partnerships with crypto profile and Singapore bitcoin Club along with the Gala Dinner at Fullerton Bay, Singapore followed by after party for 50+ influencers.

Crypto Currency Expo with this event has become one of the attractive crypto displays– the finest approach to nurture business connections by delivering real perspectives, timely insights, and first-hand information on the crypto world. GCH is now looking forward to launching another big hit under its wide Crypto CurrencyExpo spectrum in Bangkok.

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