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Coinsuper Initiated the Establishment of Crypto Exchange Network (CEN) to Connect the Financial World

Coinsuper, the professional digital asset trading platform, is pleased to initiate the establishment of a Crypto Exchange Network (CEN), with the vision of connecting the financial world. Coinsuper is under the Higgs Block Group, a blockchain technology and financial conglomerate.

Ms. Karen Chen, the CEO of Higgs Block Group, was invited to the FINWISE Summit hold in Tokyo today and shared her insights during her speech, she said, the establishment of CEN is quite important, the CEN will coordinate the traditional financial world including financial institutions, regulatory authorities and cryptocurrency exchanges to expand the cryptocurrency market; the CEN will only support good quality ICO tokens to get listed and connect to a group of cryptocurrency exchanges, so as to expand their market presence; the CEN will lead the members to highly secured system and cooperate on the product development.

Coinsuper will act as a syndicate agent liaising as the central hub for coordination with the responsibilities including but not limited to (1) coordinating with exchanges; (2) protecting customers; (3) opting for self-regulation; (4) mitigating risks and (5) developing more business opportunities to achieve win-win situation.

About Coinsuper
Coinsuper is a leading digital asset trading platform in the world. We are a global elite team with extensive experiences in financial advisory, compliance, wealth management and most importantly, cryptocurrency and financial technology. Coinsuper adopts methods such as SSL encryption technology, multi-signature cryptocurrency wallets, offline capital management to ensure the security and stability of the platform. We also adopt google authenticator in customer login and fund/BTC withdrawal to ensure that our customers' assets and account information are well protected.

About Higgs Block
Established in Singapore at 2017, Higgs Block Technology Pte. Ltd. is a group focused on Blockchain technology, aiming to bring more convenient and secure Blockchain assets services to the world. Currently, Higgs Block has extended its network to Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, UK and switzerland, etc. Higgs Block owns a full range of resources in Blockchain Industry, with profound investment and construction in Bitcoin mining, miner manufacturing and sales, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency assets custody, ICO projects, and underlying technology of Blockchain, etc.

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Mardi 22 Mai 2018