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Canada | CFO Moves – week ending September 18, 2015

Tracking CFO Movement Across Canada.

Fiera Capital Corporation (TSX: FSZ) [MONTREAL] announced that John Valentini joined the Fiera Capital global team as Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining Fiera Capital, he was executive vice president, chief financial officer and chief operating officer of PSP Investments. Before he joined PSP investments as chief financial officer in 2005, he held a series of key executive roles in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate restructuring for public companies.

Enerplus Corporation (TSX: ERF) [CALGARY] (NYSE: ERF) announced that Jodi Jenson Labrie has been appointed Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”). Ms. Jenson Labrie joined Enerplus in 2003, and most recently held the position of Vice-President, Finance since 2013. Prior to joining Enerplus, she held an executive position at a U.S. bank and was a senior manager at KPMG LLP. Prior to this, Robert Waters held the role of CFO since joining Enerplus in 2001.

Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. (TSX: WDO) [TORONTO] announced that Brian Ma, CFO, has tendered his resignation as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Hemdat Sawh has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Sawh currently serves on the Company’s Board of Directors. Most recently, Mr. Sawh served as Chief Financial Officer for Scorpio Mining Corporation. Mr. Sawh also served as Chief Financial Officer for Goldbelt Resources Ltd. and Crystallex International Corporation.

Canadian Silver Hunter Inc. (TSX-V: AGH) [TORONTO] announced that Jing Peng has tendered his resignation as Chief Financial Officer of the Company.

R&R Real Estate Investment Trust (TSX-V: RRR.UN) [MISSISSAUGA, ON] announced today that Irfan Lakha has been appointed as a trustee of the REIT concurrently with his resignation as the REIT’s Chief Financial Officer. Bob Choo has been appointed to succeed Mr. Lakha as the REIT’s Chief Financial Officer.

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