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Canada | CFO Moves – week ending February 5, 2016

Tracking CFO Movement Across Canada.

D-Wave Systems Inc. [BURNABY, BC] announced that Dan Cohrs has joined the team as chief financial officer. Mr. Cohrs served in senior positions in corporate strategy, development and finance at Marriott, Northwest Airlines, GTE, Global Crossing and most recently at Rentech, Inc. and Rentech Nitrogen Partners in Los Angeles. Prior to joining D-Wave, Mr. Cohrs was executive vice president and chief financial officer of Rentech, Inc. and Rentech Nitrogen Partners. Mr. Cohrs served for five years as executive vice president and chief financial officer of Global. He has also served as a faculty member at Cornell University and Harvard University.

Alberta Oilsands Inc. [Calgary, Alberta] (TSX-V:AOS) announced the appointment of Lane Dewar as the Company’s interim Chief Financial Officer in replacement of Michael Galloro who is resigning. Mr. Dewar works with Energy Accounting Services Inc. and has extensive experience in the oil & gas industry.

Gibson Energy Inc. [CALGARY, ALBERTA] (TSX: GEI) announced that Sean Brown will be appointed Chief Financial Officer, replacing previous CFO Donald Fowlis. Sean comes to Gibsons from BMO Capital Markets where he most recently held the title of Managing Director. Prior to his role at BMO Sean worked in the energy group of J. P. Morgan Securities in New York.

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