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Business Escalation, a Trusted advisor in Cash and Treasury Management

Business Escalation is established as the nation’s trusted advisor in cash and treasury management. We are a firm of financial professionals offering client cash management including centralization of cash and treasury consulting services to large and middle market

BE was established as the nation’s trusted expert in cash and treasury management. President and CEO Mayda Barsumyan, is a successful entrepreneur and leading expert in Oracle’s PeopleSoft Financials and Human Resources (HR) product suites based solutions, formed BE to help organization uncover cash and improve the process efficiency within the organization, using a holistic approach. Her experience spans the public sector, energy, healthcare, aerospace, financial services and environmental services platforms. BE is the second company formed by Ms. Barsumyan. Her first company, CGMT Solutions, continues today and is solely focused on PeopleSoft and cash management.

BE’s vision is to provide their Clients / Partners with World Class Professionals that deliver Excellence by aligning the Right Technology – with the Right Automation – and with the Right Processes resulting in tangible measurable results. The primary mission of BE is to help actualize the executive vision for operational growth and financial viability.

The key aspects include:
- A unique proprietary model of business analysis
- Human-centric™ passion for partnership in business development that translates financial data into a map for implementation of business reforms that are organically connected to the structural elements of an organization
- Providing a visual path of transition from today to the future
- Delivering more than software and gap fit analysis, designing and implementing a program of reform that creates a flexible and dynamic environment producing a greater probability of continued growth, even under adverse conditions.

Located in Chesterfield, Missouri, with operational presence in Atlanta, Georgia, BE expects to transform the landscape on how cash and treasury services are provided.

About Business Escalation (BE)
BE is a firm of financial professionals offering client cash management including centralization of cash and treasury consulting services to large and middle market companies. Our expertise includes governmental bodies, privately-held, not-for-profit and public companies. BE partners with our clients and assist them with financial management solutions to identify cash and treasury opportunities. The firm's ultimate goal is to improve the value of financial services model to positively impact your bottom line. At BE's core is having a positive attitude, having integrity, delivering credible results and treating you our client like family. The firm's bottom line goal is to form a relationship with you that results in us being your trusted expert in all your Cash Management / Treasury solution needs. To learn more about BE, visit us at

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Mardi 10 Juin 2014

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