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Bureau van Dijk Expands and Enriches Its Orbis Company Database

Bureau van Dijk (BvD), the leading company and business information publisher, has this week released an enhanced, and more comprehensive, version of its company database, Orbis. Coverage of companies on Orbis has more than doubled in the last couple of years and now extends to over 125 million companies.

BvD works with over 100 data providers to create Orbis; new relationships with providers have led to this expanded company coverage. Of particular note is the addition of information on around three million Australian companies provided by Veda Group Limited, Asia-Pacific's leading provider of consumer and commercial data intelligence and insights.

Other highlights include enhancements around the presentation and transparency of the independent financial strength data and predictive indicators in Orbis. These comprise six independent models provided to access financial and environmental viability and associated risk for around 70 million companies. It's now quicker to interpret the risk sentiment, the display of underlying ratios adds to transparency, and historical data is now displayed so users can assess changes over time.

BvD has also added to the range, and number, of 'original documents and filings' available via Orbis. These complement the company reports in Orbis and are particularly pertinent for compliance and due diligence research. A new partner in this area is RM Online whose RM International document service is now included within Orbis with a special pricing package. This RM service delivers copies of international registration documents and original accounts from over 220 countries and 1,000 registries. Emmanuel Cohen, RM's CEO said, "The inclusion of our service within the already excellent Orbis database means users get a simple route to access original company documents from any corporate registry in the world. And they benefit from the most cost-effective network for global documents."

"Orbis brings together information from over 100 information partners in one place," said Louise Green, BvD's group marketing director, "It's very rich in content. But more importantly, the content is linked and standardised, so users get comprehensive, comparable coverage. We also offer a wide range of intelligence so users can get a holistic view on a company, its peers and its industry. As well as developing our content we've also enhanced how our clients can filter, display and analyse the information so they can work faster and smarter."

The Orbis database is also incorporated into BvD's range of Catalysts - platforms that help users with specific business functions. BvD currently has Catalysts for transfer pricing analysis, company valuations and AML compliance/client on-boarding. New Catalysts for procurement, credit and M&A research are currently in beta; full versions will launch early 2014.

About Bureau van Dijk
Bureau van Dijk (BvD) is one of the world's leading business information publishers. The company has over 30 offices worldwide. BvD is best known for its range of international company information products that combines multiple high-quality data sources with flexible software to allow users to manipulate data for research, marketing intelligence and analysis. Products include Orbis, Amadeus, Bankscope, and Mint. BvD has range of Catalysts designed for its various vertical markets - including transfer pricing, credit, procurement and compliance. BvD also publishes the global M&A database, Zephyr.

About the RM Group
The RM Group owns and operates the online company information and anti-money laundering database, aRMadillo. RM was the first web based company registration system and the first online information supplier to commit to Internet delivery, launching in June 1997; making it the longest running web-based business information and registration company.

Mardi 17 Décembre 2013