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Blockshow Asia: TrustUnion, voted best start-up !

It took many days (and nights) of hard work and a good dose of enthusiasm and courage to finally reach our goal, but despite still being in the early stages, TrustUnion has won the startups competition organized by Blockshow Asia 2018, the most popular blockchain conference in Singapore and in the area. We are on the right path for a promising year in 2019!

Rome was not built in a day, and neither was TrustUnion. Since 2016, our team has been working hard behind the scenes on a revolutionary metaproject: creating a tamper-proof system of digital trust using blockchain technology. In order to be successful we have been focusing, above all, on networking and creating a real and engaged community that supports (and also challenges) us on a daily basis. All the hard work has paid off, and today our start-up is already recognized as one of the most promising projects of the last few years.

It’s this same level of commitment that has helped us win, with more than 54% of the votes, this best start-up competition organized by Blockshow Asia.

More than 54% of the votes!

It’s a real tidal wave in the world of blockchain, and a remarkable success story! After being shortlisted as one of the top 10 start-ups, TrustUnion’s project received a lot of interest and gained the trust of a large number of voters. The surge in popularity led to some accusations of fraud, but these suspicions were quickly dispelled by Addy Crezee, CEO of Blockshow Asia.

Details of votes on official Blockshow Telegram:
- “The enthusiasm for TrustUnion was such that the organizers wanted to verify that it was not bots voting for us, but real people” said Mathias Valon, CEO of TrustUnion.

For the team, it is also a validation of our concept: in a life that is becoming more digital by the day, the world values the level of trust brought by the TrustUnion project.

After seven days of competition between the ten start-ups, TrustUnion emerged as the clear winner. We will therefore be present at the Blockshow event for the second time.

Mathias Valon, CEO of TrustUnion, and Cyril Ternay, CTO, have walked the aisles once before to get inspired by trends, meet industry personalities and allow for continual improvement of the concept. It couldn’t be easier when you consider that each year the Blockshow Asia conference, one of the most popular in the entire region, brings together a panel of more than 100 of the most influential speakers in the blockchain industry, more than 200 well-known and recognized start-ups and companies, and hundreds of journalists, entrepreneurs, investors, developers, etc.

- “This competition took proportions that nobody imagined. I especially wanted to thank everyone who voted for us in the Blockshow community and the TrustUnion community.
I know how engaged everyone is, we are all part of the same family. Our fight is to develop blockchain in the world for more confidence on a global scale.”
@MathiasValon, CEO & Co-founder at

2019: the TrustUnion year

The team at TrustUnion has already received valuable support from both internationally renowned advisors and large companies. Now we have the opportunity to demonstrate our worth at Blockshow Asia, from 27 November to 1 December 2018.

Everyone is invited to visit our conference booth and attend the presentations that will be made to the community gathered in Singapore.

This Blockshow Asia 2018 conference marks a pivotal point for the TrustUnion project, acting as a launchpad for a successful year in 2019. This is the first step of a long journey for us and it starts now with this contest victory!

- “During our Blockshow contest I was amazed by the overall quality of the questions of the community. It become clear that now, people not only show a good understanding about financial aspect of a token, but also a deeper analysis on the technical side. We face the needs to be as much clear as possible with the underlying mechanics of the project.
The affordances of blockchain technology become every day more obvious among the world and we need to put our effort in this capacity to transmit knowledge to make people wiser and savvy. This will allow a new scope on governance purpose and rise the overall involvement in a smart way.
The stakes behind this new model of shared knowledge are very high and I am glad to be part in a community where that matter.”
Cyril Ternay, CTO & Co-founder at

It will be a question of going beyond the concept and even the PoC (Proof of Concept) to produce something concrete: a unique system bringing transparency and trust, especially adapted to the all-digital world which penetrates our lives a little more each day. Based on DLT (Digital Ledger Technology) designed in-house, TrustUnion aims to bring this notion of authentic trust to all exchanges, in all their forms and for all platforms. From this agnostic platform, which also provides many development tools for continuous improvement, “Trust as a Service” (TaaS) will be born. 2019 will be an opportunity for everyone to discover TrustUnion and participate in its development.

A special thank you to the Blockshow team for organizing this contest, and congratulations to all participants, we saw really awesome projects, we wish you the best success too!

- Let’s create a new trust model together, see you soon in Singapore!

Details of the Best #blockshowstartup contest, started on November 10, 2018 and ended on November 14, 2018; public poll in the official blockshowcommunity telegram: TrustUnion 369 (54%) ; Farm2Kitchen 118 (17%) ; Crowdforce 53 (8%) ; SoMee 51 (7%) ; Keplertek 51 (7%) ; lomob 13 (2%) ; Timechain 13 (2%) ; Kleros 10 (1%) ; POISE 7 (1%) ; RIGHTMESH 4 (1%).

You can join and support TrustUnion on

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