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Blockchain and AI-based BAZ Protocol to connect grocery stores to manufacturers in FMCG

In the whopping $8.5 trillion grocery industry worldwide, retail still is the most dominant and preferred channel as it will add additional $2.7 trillion in sales by 2022, with growth in the next five years dominated by Asia’s skyrocketing population. And in most emerging countries, grocery stores are driving these sales.

BAZ Protocol is the next generation B2B collaboration for FMCG businesses as part of the EkkBaz Business mobile app, powered by blockchain, artificial intelligence, social and collaborative technologies to significantly simplify B2B interactions, remove middlemen and empower the root level grocery stores.

By using BAZ Protocol, EkkBaz aims to connect, empower and transform grocery stores to enable direct interaction with manufacturers in any remote corner of the Earth.

“In many countries, grocery stores are reaching a digital tipping point due to proliferation of internet and smart phones.” said Enam Chowdhury, founder of EkkBaz. “With EkkBaz Business mobile app powered by BAZ Protocol, we are bringing these stores offline-to-online to use smart contract for AI based automated bulk product ordering and renting out excess space for advertising purposes. This will help grocery stores to earn extra income and reduce significant amount of manual work involving B2B interactions.”

To expand to more countries, EkkBaz is conducting an ICO by offering ERC-20 based EKK Tokens for its BAZ Protocol. And EkkBaz Business app is already being battle tested with big brands like Igloo, House Brands, Nissin etc and grocery stores across Singapore and Bangladesh.

By empowering grocery stores owners and revolutionising B2B interaction with Blockchain and AI, EkkBaz is taking the FMCG sector by storm.

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Mercredi 16 Mai 2018