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Lundi 3 Décembre 2018

Blockchain Technology Partners Launches Blockchain Management Platform Sextant on AWS Marketplace for Containers

Comprehensive platform will radically simplify enterprise adoption of Hyperledger Sawtooth, the best emerging open source blockchain technology for business.

Blockchain Technology Partners, the leading enterprise blockchain company, today announced the general availability of Sextant™, its powerful blockchain management platform, on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace for Containers. Sextant unlocks the value of blockchain for business. It accelerates innovation by providing enterprises with a platform that they can build upon; ensuring that they focus on business application development, not blockchain infrastructure.

“AWS Marketplace for Containers enables AWS customers to use the Amazon Elastic Container Services (ECS) console and AWS Marketplace for Containers to discover, produce, and deploy container solutions – including a comprehensive blockchain management platform from Blockchain Technology Partners,” said Dave McCann, Vice President Migration Services, AWS Marketplace and Service Catalog. “With today’s announcement, AWS Marketplace has extended its existing benefits and features to container products, with a rich discovery and search experience offering access to a curated catalog of trusted software from reputable vendors. AWS customers can find and deploy Sextant and simplify the deployment of Hyperledger Sawtooth.”

“We are excited to be part of the AWS Marketplace for Containers launch at AWS re:Invent 2018 and we are delighted to be able to leverage AWS Fargate to streamline the delivery of Sextant to our customers,” said Duncan Johnston-Watt, CEO of Blockchain Technology Partners. “With the help of Sextant, enterprises can navigate blockchain management with ease and, with the launch of AWS Marketplace for Containers, they can be up and running and exploring the brave new world of blockchain in no time at all.”

BTP has identified Hyperledger Sawtooth as the best emerging open source blockchain technology for the enterprise on the basis of its support for Ethereum smart contracts, its pluggable consensus mechanism and its scalable, highly modular architecture. In addition, the clear separation between the network and the application tiers makes it exceptionally easy for developers to create new blockchain applications leveraging existing code and applying existing programming best practices.

Sextant is a comprehensive blockchain management platform that utilizes a carefully curated Hyperledger Sawtooth distribution – built, tested and maintained by BTP - to deliver one-click deployment of enterprise-grade Sawtooth networks. These networks can either be standalone - typically the case if a developer is testing a new blockchain application or smart contract - or join existing Sawtooth networks.

Sextant is cloud-first, and Kubernetes is the logical choice for production-grade orchestration. Under the covers Sextant automatically generates Kubernetes manifests so that Sawtooth can either be deployed on existing Kubernetes clusters or on brand new ones deployed by Sextant on AWS using Kubernetes Operations.

To try Sextant please visit our entry on AWS Marketplace for Containers.

About Blockchain Technology Partners
Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP) is a leading enterprise blockchain company whose mission is to radically simplify adoption of blockchain technologies. BTP brings the benefits of blockchain to business by providing Sextant™ - a blockchain management platform that delivers one click deployment of scalable Hyperledger Sawtooth networks running on Kubernetes in the cloud. Sextant frees up enterprises to focus on application development, not infrastructure, with training, consulting and support provided by BTP. BTP is a member of the Linux Foundation and an active participant in both the Hyperledger and CNCF communities. Its founding team have an exceptional track record in open source, operations and cloud. BTP has offices in Edinburgh, Singapore and New York.

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