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Beyond Apps and the Cloud

An article, "In the Cloud and Beyond" in the Jan/Feb 2012 edition of Financial Executive, by William M. Sinnett, takes an exciting peak at the wave of technology. Last month, 32 billion searches on twitter occurred and 30 billion pieces of content were added to facebook. The average teenager sends more than 4,000 text messages per month! And, 2 billion videos are watched on YouTube each day!

Joel Lesser
Joel Lesser
Tomorrow's successful business might be an existing piece of intellectual property that has matured or become common place in society. Some of today's top technology strategies are: 1) Mobile-Centric Applications and Interfaces; 2) In-Memory Computing; and 3) App Stores and Marketplaces; it is predicted that their will be 70 billion mobile application downloads from apps stores each year, by 2014.

Organizations should focus on these types of technologies in their planning processes and invest capital to improve the network infrastructure.

Joel Lesser is a CFO who makes decisions - with his own brand of diligence, integrity and thoughtfulness - that ensure reliable foundations on which businesses and talent may grow.
Acutely aware of the domino effect of change, he constantly asks himself, “Are we not only doing it right, but also are we doing the right thing?”

Jeudi 1 Mars 2012

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