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BTCGaw is Paying 11% more for bitcoins than Blockchain official rate.

BTCGaw Inc. ( ) is the freshest company on the cryptocurrency market, exposing a highly competitive deal for Bitcoin sellers. The Delaware-based Bitcoin trader offers 11% more that Blockchain's official rate for Bitcoin sellers all over the world. The company's goal is to achieve as many deals as possible, given its rocket-high budget for Bitcoin purchase under its latest cryptocurrency investment and capital addition policy.

BTCGaw Inc. was founded in July 2014 by a former banking professional who has seen the great potential and opportunity rising out of the cryptocurrency markets and growing along with technology development. Tony Gaw, the company's CEO, is more than optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency, while he does put an effort in keeping a balanced and risk moderated approach of his business and the money he is investing. "It will eventually go mainstream within the financial system and we're not very far from that point, it's only a matter of few years", declared Gaw.

No doubt that the digital currency market is uncertain and probably way too volatile for many of the traditional investors, but BTCGaw has taken the uncertainty risk and transformed it into opportunity risk, putting it almost at the core of its business.

The company however, does not plan to thrive on currency speculation solely, but has already undertaken serious negotiations for becoming the exchange house of few major consumer goods online vendors and an important online Casino, who expressed their interest in accepting Bitcoin as payment for their products and services.

BTCGaw has the appetite and the capabilities to purchase large amounts of Bitcoin, offering a rate which is 11% higher than the official market trend setters'. The company's offer has not come with an expiry date, but it is limited to the time the company's capacity and target is reached – at that point, the offer will be dropped with no prior notice.

All the details related to the offer and other information about BTCGaw, together with the contact details of their Sales Team can be found at their web-site:

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