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BPC launches new Cash Management solution to help ATM operators save millions

BPC Banking Technologies brings Latest SmartVista Innovation to ATMIA 2014.

BPC Banking Technologies, the leading provider of Open System payment solutions for the global financial industry, launches the latest in its innovative solutions designed to improve the profitability of ATM networks. With this new cash management and forecasting solution – deployed as part of SmartATM – operators can dramatically reduce the costs of operating their networks. BPC is launching the solution in the US-market at the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) 2014 US Conference in Orlando, FL on February 11-13.

Since their commercial launch over 50 years ago, ATMs have become an indispensable part of financial services. With over 420,000 ATMs in the USA, competition among network operators can be intense, and as the cost of running an ATM network is high it is vitally important that the maximum return is made from the investment. Ensuring that consumers have a reliable service, 24x7, is crucial for operators, as is the need to avoid “out of cash” situations. Traditionally operators have ensured this by overloading their ATMs with cash. The costs associated with cash typically account for 60% of operating costs, so right sizing cash across the network is crucial.

With experience managing over 200,000 ATMs worldwide, BPC Banking Technologies has developed a solution to ensure the right balance is maintained. Based on a custom research project, BPC has created a solution that delivers that balance, optimizing cash levels and freeing up cash across the network. In fact the solution has demonstrated savings of $2,000 per ATM per year, resulting in an annual saving of $2 million per annum for an ATM network of 1,000 machines.

BPC’s research shows that ATMs are typically loaded with 40% more cash than is really needed. The Cash Management solution enables ATM operators to cut operational costs by 22% by optimizing network monitoring, including cash load routes and frequencies. The solution also provides all the capabilities needed to monitor, automate and manage ATM networks of all sizes, including; ATM driving, marketing tools, EMV migration and complete support for a sophisticated set of products and services. SmartATM is part of the SmartVista suite – a comprehensive suite of solutions covering virtually every aspect of electronic payments processing used by 120 organizations in 40 countries worldwide. SmartATM integrates seamlessly with SmartGuard – BPC’s fraud prevention solution which monitors 100% of transactions, in real-time regardless of channel.

“For many years BPC has helped organizations get the maximum return from their investment in technology, and we are continuing this tradition with the launch of this solution. Not only can ATM operators save $2,000 per ATM, while also ensuring maximum up-time from their network but they can also tap into new revenue streams by offering their customers a market-leading set of products and services. Last year at ATMIA, BPC launched a service to help streamline EMV migrations, and this year we are building on that. If you are running an ATM network and are concerned about costs, profitability, EMV migration or fraud prevention you should talk to BPC,” says Daragh O’Byrne, Chief Marketing Officer, BPC Banking Technologies.

BPC Banking Technologies: BPC is the leading global provider of Open Systems payment solutions for the global financial industry. It provides SmartVista, a single integrated solution for transaction processing and card management. The company’s customer base includes the largest and most progressive retail banks across five continents - currently BPC has 120 clients in 40 countries. For more information, visit the Company’s website at

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