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Avolon lands Salmon Software Treasury Management System

Automated treasury system (TMS) to help manage debt facilities

Avolon, the international aircraft leasing company, has installed a Treasury Management System (TMS) from Salmon Software.

The global aircraft leasing firm has successfully implemented Salmon Treasurer to allow it to effectively manage its debt facilities which comprised in excess of $4.25bn of secured and unsecured debt at the end of September 2014.

The software is part of the Salmon Treasurer TMS aimed at corporate treasurers to manage debt, foreign exchange, money market, treasury, banking transactions and many other related corporate treasury activities.

Avolon provides leasing and lease management services to airlines and aircraft investors worldwide. Avolon’s owned, managed and committed portfolio consisted of 235 aircraft serving 49 customers in 28 countries at the end of 2014.

“Effectively managing $4.25bn of debt facilities is complex. Now implemented, Salmon Treasurer has allowed Avolon to better manage and account for a wide variety of debt facilities and debt structures. The system is intuitive and flexible and meets the needs of a leading financial services organization with diversified sources of debt financing,” commented David Murray, Treasurer, Avolon.

“We selected Salmon Software because of its track record in aircraft leasing combined with its competitive cost and rapid implementation.”

John Byrne, CEO, Salmon Software, which is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, added, “This contract is another demonstration of Salmon’s ability to help companies manage diversified balance sheets. As one of the few remaining independent specialist TMS providers, we are winning increased business globally. Salmon Treasurer is rich in functionality, highly robust and stable, easy to implement and comes at a reasonable price.”

Independent Salmon Software, which has specialised in treasury management solutions for almost three decades, works with other blue chip aircraft corporates including Airbus, AWAS and Ryanair. Salmon Treasurer is available across a range of modules including cash management, debt and derivatives, credit facilities, money markets, electronic payments and trade finance to provide a complete solution to managing a treasury operation.

Salmon Treasurer can now be deployed as an on premise or cloud computing TMS solution.

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