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ArteQuesta: Securing Art On The Blockchain

Rayah Levy, Founder and Director at ArteQuesta has been involved in the art industry since 2002, and launched ArteQuesta in 2011.

ArteQuesta evolved from Levy’s passion for integrating art and finance. Acccording to Levy, art is one of the oldest forms of commerce - and a solid long term investment, “When art is owned, it can provide the owner with freedom as it is largely a recession-proof asset; it can be sold anywhere,” states Levy.

Levy is attracted to Bitcoin for two reasons, the first is Blockchain technology. In January this year, the Supreme Court dealt a blow to the Norton Simon Museum, by refusing to review a legal ruling which jeopardizes their ownership of a collection know as the Adam and Eve paintings. The paintings, by Lucas Cranach the Elder, are amongst the museum’s most prized possessions. However, according to Marei Von Saher, the pieces were looted from her father in law. Levy explains, “In countries all over the world, artefacts are looted and the due process for recovering them can take decades, if they are even successful at all.”

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