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Apla unveils HalalGuide – a comprehensive global Halal platform that now uses blockchain technology

Unique global Islamic ecosystem built on blockchain and spanning 120 countries

Apla, a Blockchain protocol specifically designed for building government and enterprise platforms, today unveiled its partnership with HalalGuide, a comprehensive ecosystem of 12 platforms that connects Muslims across the globe to valuable and unique resources including access to halal products and services. This global platform has been built on a peer-to-peer network, now using Apla’s proprietary blockchain technology.

HalalGuide acts as an online guide to the world of ‘Halal’. It was created to facilitate the lives of modern Muslims to assist them in carrying out their daily duties in a simplified manner while adhering to religious beliefs. HalalGuide helps 1.5 million users around the world take advantage of its resources and is adding as many as 200,000 more each month. It already covers more than 120 countries including the UAE and other countries in the region, and is growing.

According to the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2016-2017, the global halal economy is estimated to be worth around USD 3.9 trillion. With a projected annual growth rate of 20%, the global halal industry is valued at USD 560 billion a year, making it one of the fastest growing consumer segments in the world.

Commenting on the halal industry, Muhammed Arafath, Executive Director of Apla said, “The advent of modern technology at a global level accelerates unprecedented business opportunities as well as numerous challenges for the global halal industry. To address the overwhelming expansion of the Halal Industry, we are pleased to be the blockchain partner of choice to power a comprehensive global platform. HalalGuide makes the lives of practicing Muslims easier by harnessing the power of blockchain technology to address the concerns in the traceability of halal products and more. The HalalGuide team creates a useful and unique resource using modern technologies for the benefit of the global Islamic community.”

Ayrat Kasimov, Founder of HalalGuide commented, “The global halal economy consisting of 1.8 billion Muslims has expanded to include food, pharmaceuticals, health products, cosmetics, fashion, travel and much more. HalalGuide, therefore, serves as a bridge between businesses and the Muslim community, making it a universal ecosystem for Muslims across the world”.

HalalGuide allows Muslims to globally access a variety of halal products and services, not only as a product traceability platform but also as a holistic Islamic ecosystem on blockchain. Available categories on HalalGuide include clothing stores, accessories, medical centres, Islamic charities, travel agents and more, across the globe.

Apla’s blockchain technology brings a number of advantages to an online platform like HalalGuide. Data is stored in a distributed and decentralised manner, with complete transaction history and data audit trail. The technology blocks transactions and notifies users if data is falsified or mutated in any way, making it secure and reliable. Apla Blockchain protocol is primarily developed for building digital ecosystems and integrates all services/platforms of HalalGuide into one coherent ecosystem delivering inter-dependent services with a simplified user experience. Moreover, with transparency being a key element in Islam, the technical solution is oriented to cater to the traceability and certification of halal products.

About Apla:

Apla is a full-service blockchain technology company that enables governments and enterprises to work faster, safer and with greater impact. Apla develops blockchain-based Platform as a Service (PaaS), which is integrated to optimise organizational processes, bringing about more secure IT architecture and data integrity. Till date, Apla has successfully executed projects in the UAE, India, Netherlands Antilles and Russia, with many more in the pipeline.

About Halal Guide:

Developed by a team of young Muslim entrepreneurs, HalalGuide is an authentic digital directory that aims to strengthen and upgrade the online search for Islamic venues, products and services and to provide a robust source of information about Halal lifestyle.

HalalGuide has become a go-to website for the Muslim community and provides the latest information on favourite halal destinations. It combines multiple verticals including HalalDelivery, HalalTravel, HalalBank, HalalUmmah, HalalBonus, HalalTrade, HalalShop and more.

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Mardi 3 Juillet 2018