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AccessWallet - A New Name in Payments, Helping Businesses Boost Cash Flow With Direct Debits!

Access Systems proudly announces the launch of AccessWallet - a payment solution designed to help businesses harness the power of their Direct Debits.

AccessWallet in three words - quick, easy, affordable
AccessWallet has been designed to give businesses what they need - a powerful yet streamlined payment solution that is quick, easy and affordable:
Quick - Businesses can quickly sign-up in just 60 seconds, set up a Direct Debit, and start getting paid.
Easy - AccessWallet makes things easy by fully automating the entire payments process - making invoicing customers and chasing them up for payments a thing of the past!
Affordable - AccessWallet is a 'pay-as-you-go' solution. There are no set-up charges or ongoing monthly fees. Just a simple, low transaction fee.

AccessWallet - next-generation thinking, powerful features
AccessWallet was created using the same next-generation, Cloud-based technology as the AccessPay system. This means that AccessWallet is packed with state-of-the-art features including real-time reporting, mobile access, easy payment tracking and bank-grade security.
Ali Moiyed, AccessWallet founder and CEO of Access Systems, explains, "AccessWallet makes wading through endless reports and dealing with error-strewn spreadsheets a thing of the past. It offers businesses something they've been crying out for - a powerful, smart and agile Direct Debit payments solution that helps them concentrate on making a profit."

AccessWallet - the right solution at the right time
Ali continues, "The timing is just right for a payment solution like AccessWallet. The economy is on the upturn, but only those businesses that have a healthy cash flow will prosper."
"Most businesses realise that regular payments play an important part in achieving good cash flow. With AccessWallet, they now have a next-generation solution that can make their Direct Debit payments a fully-automated, trouble-free source of regular profit."

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Jeudi 10 Octobre 2013