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What makes a great Risk Manager?

Active Risk (formerly Strategic Thought Group) has launched a major new survey of risk professionals in Europe, North America, Australia and the Middle East. As the demands organizations place on risk professionals are evolving and increasing, this research is designed to identify the personality characteristics and traits that make a great risk manager.

Peter Robertshaw, SVP Global Marketing at Active Risk said, “The survey is part of a year-long programme of research and white papers with the aim of discovering just what qualities are needed by today’s risk managers. The initiative, which was sparked by an idea from one of our customers, will also look at ways to improve communication between risk professionals and senior management and how to retain great risk managers.”

Robertshaw continued, “Early findings from a test group have shown two risk manager profiles emerging. One profile is that of a natural communicator or evangelist and the other is that of an implementer focused on the detail of process delivery. Some individuals exhibit a combination of these two distinct roles. These profiles will allow us to identify how risk professionals can most effectively communicate with their colleagues, senior management and other departments such as IT, finance and audit.”

Risk professionals are invited to take part by completing the online confidential psychometric survey. This is based on the well-established DISC profiling methodology. Answering the questionnaire should take no more than 6 to 8 minutes. Those who respond will receive a personal profile report with advice on how to make the most of their personality traits in the context of the risk management discipline.

The cumulative results of the research will be published in autumn 2011 together with a series of white papers based on key aspects of its findings. To take part in the confidential survey go to

About Active Risk
Active Risk (formerly Strategic Thought Group)* (AIM:STR) addresses enterprise-wide risk management (ERM) and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements with advanced software and services that can be implemented across organizations in all industry sectors.

Active Risk Manager (ARM) is recognized as having the most extensive range of ERM software capabilities available today. ARM enables the identification, communication, analysis and mitigation of risks and opportunities available in both quantitative and qualitative formats. It covers project and portfolio risk, supply chain risk management, business continuity, controls management, reputational risk, health and safety, incident management, governance, compliance risks and more.

Active Risk has main offices in the UK and USA and services customers worldwide directly and through a growing network of partners.

Jeudi 7 Juillet 2011