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Corporate Finance, Fintech, DeFi, Blockchain, Web 3 News

Telegram with Bitcoin integrated by StartChat Tech now available on apple app store

StartChat combines the backend encryption of Telegram with the convenience of 2-click Bitcoin transactions and wallet currencies conversions display such as $USD,EURO,GBP,Ruble,Yen.

Apple Touch ID and Pin Code as security feature.
No wallet info needed to send bitcoin transactions to contacts.
Its user-friendly and automated, just like sending a picture.
For a new user unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, this app is the easiest way to receive bitcoin.

No experience or knowledge required about wallets.
Our startchat technology has automated the process making it userfriendly for mainstream users.
Celebrating our launch we have a $100 monthly airdrop for 1 lucky StartChat user for a year.

Why use StartChat?

- Able to send and receive money from anybody in the world in a matter of seconds.
- Coins received alert sound & message!
- Wallet currencies conversion display: USD,EURO,GBP,Ruble,Yen
- Security: Apple Touch ID & PIN Code
- Secure: Developed on the backbone of the most reliable open source encrypted messaging service Telegram.
- Secret Chat: Self destruct timer and end-to-end encryption.
- Receive & Send: bitcoin with 2 clicks, no wallet info needed.
- Secure wallet: only you have access to your wallet & private keys.
- Immediate: bitcoin transactions are fast and simple.

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