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Jeudi 17 Janvier 2019

OpenGate Capital Launches OGx Digital Transformation Capability

OpenGate Capital, a global private equity firm, announced today that it has launched OGx, a newly formed digital innovation and business transformation growth capability as part of the firm’s commitment to untap the full potential of its acquired businesses.

Developed during 2018, OGx represents the combined power of the firm’s operational excellence best practices with applied exponential technologies and business model innovation to yield the XPotential™ for select investments.

Andrew Nikou, OpenGate Capital’s founder and CEO stated, “We are constantly looking for innovative and differentiated ways to accelerate profitable growth in the businesses we acquire. We are excited to launch OGx after successfully piloting it during 2018, recognizing that in this age of increased technology and business disruption, sustainable and scalable value creation within our holding period must go well beyond traditional operating drivers. We believe that a great deal of upside can be created from taking traditional manufacturing businesses and putting them on a digital track. We strongly believe that traditional private equity operations must evolve beyond simply reducing costs and adapt new, cutting-edge methods for accelerating portfolio company growth.”

OGx is the technology partner for select acquired businesses, bringing to bear experienced business model innovation and digital transformation resources, together with domain expertise in 3D printing, digital manufacturing, robotics, and applied artificial intelligence to achieve operational excellence. Additionally, OGx will selectively apply multi-sensor data acquisition and blockchain technologies to build advanced, predictive and prescriptive analytics to enhance portfolio companies’ operational performance.

In September of 2018, OpenGate identified EverZinc as one of its recently acquired businesses that was well positioned for OGx. Through an analysis of EverZinc, a specialty zinc chemical business, five key initiatives are being undertaken including:

- Enhance and extend EverZinc’s market position via greater technology leadership and new digital capabilities
- Accelerate time-to-market in mission-critical applications through the EverZinc Open Innovation Program
- Mainstream EverZinc’s global thought leadership as a catalyst for business development, technology partnerships, employee retention and greater revenue generation
- Deliver continuous manufacturing process improvements leveraging best practices and application of new tools and machine learning and sensoring
- Build a recognizable brand equity and massive transformative purpose

OGx represents OpenGate’s pursuit and integration of the latest exponential technologies with best in breed lean operations to support its investment strategy and bolster its returns. More about OGx and the EverZinc case study can be found on OpenGate’s web site.

About OpenGate Capital
OpenGate Capital is a global private equity firm specializing in the acquisition and operation of businesses to create new value through operational improvements, innovation and growth. Established in 2005, OpenGate Capital is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with a European office in Paris, France. OpenGate’s professionals possess the critical skills needed to acquire, transition, operate, build and scale successful businesses. To date, OpenGate Capital, through its legacy and fund investments, has executed more than 30 acquisitions including corporate carve-outs, management buy-outs, special situations and transactions with private sellers across North America and Europe.

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