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Leaders Are Defined by Their Actions

Resilient companies are becoming less common. According to an article in the April 2012 edition of CFO, "We Will Survive" by Scott Leibs, the average lifespan of an organization on the S&P 500 has decreased from 57 years in 1958 to only at 18 years by 2008.

Joel Lesser
Joel Lesser
According to George S. Everly, an associate professor of psychiatry at the John Hopkins School of Medicine, organizations can develop a culture of resilience that helps the company endure severe obstacles. However, leaders must take a proactive role in matching the worker's skills to the right positions. In addition, management must focus on four core qualities: optimism, decisiveness, integrity and open communication. These attributes must be embedded throughout the company, especially with the first-line supervisors, as they are most influential with the direct workforce. Decision making is extremely important for everyone, but everyone makes mistakes; people understand poor decisions, as long as management is accountable for the failures and they also share the successes.

Dr. JT Kostman, managing director at DeepMile Networks, sums it up quite nicely: "Leadership is a verb, not a noun. It's not about being a born leader, it's not about credentials, and it's not a matter of position or authority. It's the sum of the action you do or don't take."

Joel Lesser is a CFO who makes decisions - with his own brand of diligence, integrity and thoughtfulness - that ensure reliable foundations on which businesses and talent may grow.
Acutely aware of the domino effect of change, he constantly asks himself, “Are we not only doing it right, but also are we doing the right thing?”

Vendredi 4 Mai 2012