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Finance & M&A: Top 10 trends to watch - 2023 Outlook

Alantra’s, Top 10 trends to watch, 2023 Outlook.

Though the top-end of the M&A market was notably impacted by the tighter lending, inflationary pressures and longer deal timelines throughout 2022, with lower valuations opening more options for funding, the midmarket offered a safe harbour for those looking to transact.

With the second half of 2022 plagued with uncertainty, deal activity and fundraising dropped to pre-pandemic levels after 2021’s boom year. This was largely due to external influences – war in Ukraine, an energy crisis, high levels of inflation, expensive and difficult to access capital – all factors that have followed us into 2023.

These influences had a direct impact on M&A and investor appetite, with 2022 seeing a reduction in M&A value by 37% worldwide (1) and total assets under management estimated to have declined by more than 15%. (2) This does however, reflect a return to pre-pandemic deal volumes (as illustrated by the graph below), with 2022 reflecting a correction of the rocketing valuations seen throughout 2021, where pent-up demand was released following 2020’s COVID-19 fuelled uncertainty.

(1) ‘Dealmakers brace for slow 2023 recovery after global M&A sinks’, Reuters, December 2022
(2) ‘Moody’s changes to positive from stable the outlook on Eurasian Bank’s ratings’ Moody’s, December 2022

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