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Digital Asset Management Firm Arca Raises $10 Million in Series A Funding

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Arca, an asset management firm focused on investing and innovating in the digital assets space, today announced it has closed a $10 million Series A round of funding, led by RRE Ventures with additional participation from Alex Tisch, President of Loews Hotels & Co. and a coalition of top financiers led by Littlebanc Advisors.

Several investors will also play key roles in Arca’s growth moving forward. James Robinson, Founder and General Partner of RRE will join Arca’s advisory board. The investor group will energize Arca’s product development and distribution efforts.

“We believe that the introduction of digital assets as a capital formation and growth bootstrapping mechanism is the greatest innovation in financial services since the Dutch East India company issued shares of its business to the public in the 1600s,” said Arca CEO Rayne Steinberg. “Arca is helping guide investors through this massive transformation by providing what we see as the right products, at the right time, to the right investors.”

“We have worked with members of the Arca senior team for the past two decades as they revolutionized asset management, giving us high confidence they can do it again with future evolutionary products,” said James Robinson, Founder and CEO of RRE Ventures.

Leveraging its Series A funding, Arca will continue to prioritize creating the necessary infrastructure and navigate the legal and regulatory footing needed by the industry to offer better asset management products. The focus remains on delivering a sustainable, top-notch investor experience as well as delivering on the original promise of digital assets. Through Arca Labs, Arca’s innovation division, the company will focus on reimagining the potential of investment vehicles for investors and companies who believe technological disruption will create a better, faster, more connected global ecosystem.

“We seek to create bespoke opportunities for investors, and the digital asset revolution may be one of the best examples of that in the current and future market environment,” said Michael Margolies, CEO of Littlebanc Advisors. “We believe Arca’s experienced team will continue helping sophisticated investors enter and navigate this new financial landscape with confidence.”

“Our investment partners have a history of identifying transformative change. They recognize how to identify companies like Arca, how to capitalize businesses to address this evolution, and how to create and innovative products. We are excited to have these partners by our side,” Steinberg added.

About Arca
Founded in 2018, Arca is an asset management firm, focused on investing and innovating in the digital assets space. Arca's products offer investors the ability to thoughtfully invest in digital assets utilizing blockchain technology. Arca is forging a path for investors in the traditional finance sector to join the digital future, while adhering to the regulatory, legal and operational standards that are used and applied in the traditional finance sector. Arca is composed of two core business divisions—Arca Funds, whose flagship hedge fund strategy, the Arca Digital Assets Fund, invests in securities via tokens, equities, bonds and other instruments issued by companies in the digital asset ecosystem; and Arca Labs, the innovation division of Arca, pioneers innovative products in a digital structure that aim to revolutionize how people think about investments.

Mercredi 13 Janvier 2021

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