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Customer Onboarding Innovator Rocketlane Closes $18 Million Series A Funding Round

Only seven months after launch, Rocketlane receives investment to accelerate product offerings and market expansion efforts.

Rocketlane, a purpose-built customer onboarding platform that helps businesses accelerate their time-to-value, boost customer satisfaction, and reduce churn, today announced that it has closed a $18 million Series A funding round.

The Series A is being led by previous Asana investor, 8VC, with additional funding coming from Nexus Venture Partners, Matrix Partners India, and prominent angel investor, Gokul Rajaram. Today’s funding announcement comes just seven months after Rocketlane announced its seed funding round, bringing total capital invested to $21 million.

“Customer onboarding for SaaS businesses is an emerging enterprise category in its own right, encompassing a massive and growing user community. It represents a new two-sided project management problem, and the resulting complexity requires a bespoke solution. It simply cannot be addressed by a patchwork of existing project management tools,” said Bhaskar Ghosh, Partner & CTO, 8VC. “Rocketlane has dared to provide a fresh new take to serve this category. They have shown stunning execution to deliver a thoughtful and extensible product that is experiencing rapid adoption. It is our honour at 8VC to join the Rocketlane team and its visionary founders Sri, Deepak, and Vignesh in their generational adventure.”

Proceeds from the current investment will be used to expand product offerings, accelerate marketing, and grow the Rocketlane team.

“This funding round follows on the back of very strong early customer growth, and validates the market pull in the category as well as the clear product leadership position we’ve established,” said Rocketlane CEO & Co-founder, Srikrishnan Ganesan. “We also were just named a leader by G2 in the client onboarding category. We have also touched over 1,200 people globally with Preflight, our community for onboarding, implementation, and CS professionals. Onboarding is a critical area that has been ignored in the past, and we’re fixing that with a holistic approach to help you level up and make your implementation process seamless.”

“Rocketlane has been instrumental in streamlining and driving efficiencies throughout our implementation and onboarding practices,” said Jessica Bicknell, VP of Customer Success, LinkSquares. “The platform enables us to seamlessly manage all of our active projects with clear visibility into status, blockers, and milestones. The deployment was quick and we have seen an immediate, positive impact on our time to value. We look forward to leveraging Rocketlane to deliver exceptional customer onboarding experiences going forward."

Huw Edwards, Director of Customer at parcelLab commented: “After careful and detailed research into the customer onboarding marketplace, Rocketlane was a natural choice for parcelLab. The team at Rocketlane is great to work alongside, and it feels like we have a genuine partnership in place. Rocketlane has made us more efficient: we’re no longer losing data in spreadsheets or digging for information inside our CRM; we have an easy-to-use customer onboarding platform that has all the insights we need. I can confidently say that Rocketlane has dramatically improved the implementation journey for our customers."

About Rocketlane
Rocketlane is a purpose-built customer onboarding platform that helps businesses accelerate their time-to-value, boost customer satisfaction, and thereby reduce churn. The platform replaces generic project management and document collaboration tools with a unique, unified workspace that improves communication, collaboration, and project visibility for businesses and their customers. It equips teams with trends and benchmarks across projects, which in turn helps them develop and optimize playbooks and best practices.

About 8VC
8VC is a leading technology investment firm investing in visionary teams and backing industry-transforming companies. The partners have a proven track-record as founders, engineers, and operators of successful companies including Palantir, LinkedIn, Addepar, Affinity and OpenGov, among others. 8VC was founded in 2011 and manages $5Bn+ in committed capital. 8VC invests primarily in smart enterprise platforms across industries including financial services, healthcare, logistics and others, and Bio-IT.

About LinkSquares
LinkSquares is the first end-to-end AI-powered contract lifecycle management platform providing legal teams with the tools and insights they need to move business forward faster. Customers have everything they need to write and execute contracts faster, analyze what's in existing contracts, and collaborate better with their team. LinkSquares differs from other platforms in the market with its powerful AI insights, speed to tangible results through flexible automation, and ability to centralize everything for better visibility and collaboration.


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Vendredi 21 Janvier 2022