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Copenhagen Compliance Will Hold its 6th Annual GRC Summit

On the 6th and 7th June, Copenhagen Compliance will hold its 6th Annual GRC Summit on good corporate governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) issues for International leaders from government, business, non-profit, media, financial services and many other sectors in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Compliance Will Hold its 6th Annual GRC Summit
This respected annual event will again gather the industry's most experienced keynote speakers and panelists from 11 countries, to enlighten the participants with their expert knowledge covering 39 subjects including good governance, risk management , compliance, accounting, finance, audit, IT, law and communications as part of a GRC implementation.

Professor of Law, Dr. Jesper Lau Hansen, University of Copenhagen and adviser to the EU Commission on European financial markets, will open the conference. Lady Olga Maitland CEO of Money Transfer International is the conference chairman. Mariano A. Davies, President of The British Chamber of Commerce is the panel moderator and co-chairman.

Kersi Porbunderwalla who initiated the first Copenhagen Compliance conference during the subprime crisis in 2007 says; "The economic crisis has led to increased focus on risk management and regulation for all businesses. The Copenhagen Compliance conference provides the guidance for organizations and companies to amend their internal controls and processes to minimise the risk of future crises". Kersi adds: "The 2 day conference provides the platform to discuss these issues and get the latest updates on e.g. the proposal for new EU rules on capital requirements and the introduction of a supervisory framework headed by the current Danish Presidency of the EU" ends Kersi.

Day one of the conference covers issues related to good governance and compliance. Day two deals exclusively with the dilemma for structured risk management and IT security. The 32 different subjects include; anti-money laundering, anti-bribery, fraud and corruption, third-party risks, cultural issues in compliance across the globalized business operations, and strategies that increase efficiency, data security, data breaches and IT security alerts. The conference is followed by a technology round table discussion and presentation.

The 2012 annual GRC Summit theme is: Game Change or Business as Usual, is co-hosted by Computershare, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Oracle, Eversheds, Netcompany, Copenhagen Charter and BWise. The Conference website is

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