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Zurich named top city to work across the global accountancy profession

The latest proprietary research conducted by The Accountant in association with salary benchmarking website, identifies the top destinations to work across the global accountancy profession.

While it is no surprise the most iconic cities rank high, the results show a disparity of £45,000 between the highest paid location for accountants, (Zurich with an average salary of £66,427) and the lowest, (Moscow with an average salary of £21,956).

Hot on Zurich’s heels is Geneva, another Swiss city and a hub of diplomatic relations, which pays its accountants an average salary of £66,054. Accountants in Zurich average bonus ranks third (£3,547) out every city that sampled, coming in just behind is Chicago (£4,696) and Leeds in the UK (£3,813).

In contrast, when surveyed 4,350 bankers based in London, it found that managing directors in investment banking received £544,000 in salary and bonus, which is eight times more than accountants based in the highest-paid city of Zurich.

According to the survey, New York has ranked third top city for accountants based on salary, with an average pay packet of £54,369, and bonus of £3,486. Accountants tend to work in the metropolis that is NYC, with "the best-compensated" number-crunchers laying their expertise in securities and commodity contracts, intermediation, brokerage and exchanges, according to

Dublin has ranked third bottom city out of the 30 locations surveyed, with accountants earning an average salary of £26,165. Including bonuses, however, the city with a 12.5% corporate tax rate pays its accounting professionals an average of £29,709. On the other hand, London City's investment analysts received more than double this figure, with reporting an average salary of £61,000 for this group of financial professionals.

This survey reflects 2015 average salaries and bonuses and is based on data extracted from 2,021 consultants and senior consultants working in thirty different cities across the globe.

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