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Umbria Network Admitted to Polygon’s Accelerator Program to Enhance Development

Umbria Network - - has joined the Polygon Ecosystem DAO’s “Polygon Village,” an initiative designed to assist developers in growing their projects.

Following an initial development grant from Polygon in early 2021, the latest collaboration will see Polygon Village bolstering Umbria’s marketing efforts to take the project to the next level. With the protocol’s Narni bridge having cemented its position as the fastest, cheapest liquidity bridge between the Ethereum and Polygon networks, Umbria’s next focus is promoting its Bridge Widget V2 to large-scale projects built on Polygon such as QuickSwap. Integration of the widget provides a partner project’s community with the quickest and most cost-effective bridging solution within its native platform and helps onboard many more users into the Polygon ecosystem.

Polygon’s marketing assistance will be deployed to increase awareness of the widget and its accompanying referral program; an initiative that provides partners with an additional incentive in the form of a brand-new revenue stream. Referrers who integrate the widget (via a simple iframe) get a 0.1% fee on all bridging transactions completed on their platform via the widget.

More information about the referrer program can be found here.
Projects wishing to apply should fill out this form:

“Being invited into the Polygon Village accelerator program is a boon for Umbria and will be a catalyst for growth. It’s great to be able to work closely with and have the support of Polygon to realise our common objective of making decentralised applications and the crypto space more accessible to everyone,” said Oscar Chambers, Co-founder of Umbria Network. “Tapping into Polygon DAO’s marketing expertise will enable us to collaborate with more projects within the Polygon ecosystem and expand Umbria’s reach within the sector.”

About Umbria

Operating within the DeFi and NFT space, Umbria Network enables anyone to migrate cryptocurrency assets across chain cheaply and quickly and earn high ROCE on those assets with no impermanent loss.

Umbria’s flagship Narni cross-chain bridge is solving current blockchain interoperability issues. Narni removes the difficulty and expense of moving assets between blockchains and is the fastest and cheapest cross-chain liquidity bridge between the Ethereum and Polygon networks. Narni eliminates the barriers to entry for engaging with DeFi applications and NFTs making them much more accessible to a wider audience.

The Umbria ecosystem, built on Polygon, has three major protocols:
1. A Cross-chain Asset Bridge: enables the fast and cheap transfer of assets between otherwise incompatible blockchains and cryptocurrency networks.
2. A Staking Pool: users can earn fees on their crypto assets by providing liquidity to the Narni bridge
3. A Decentralised Exchange (DEX): an automated liquidity protocol powered by a constant product formula, deployed using smart contracts and governed entirely on-chain. Provides fast and cheap token swapping

UK-publicly listed Online Blockchain plc (LSE: OBC) acts as Umbria's coordinator, administrator and advisor. This provides a level of transparency rare in the DeFi space.


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Mardi 7 Juin 2022

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